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Shrimp fishing in New England remains closed due to high water temperatures | Work

Portland, Maine (AP) — New England’s commercial shrimp fishery remains closed due to concerns about the health of its crustacean population as seawater temperatures rise.

Cold-water shrimp was once a winter delicacy in Maine and beyond, but fishing has been closed since 2013. A committee of the Regulatory Atlantic Marine Fisheries Commission resolved on Friday to close fishing for at least another three years.

Shrimp prefer cold water and the health of their population I was suffering from the warming of the sea off New England. Maine, in particular, warms faster than most of the world’s oceans.

Scientists also said it recently Warm water has led to increased predation from shrimp-feeding squid seeds.

The Board finally decided to extend the existing moratorium on shrimp commercial fishing in 2018. The board could have decided to resume fishing on Friday, but did not in the face of disappointing news from scientists.

This decision makes sense to close the fishery because the stock is in poor condition, the chances of a sustainable catch are very low and it is worth maximizing the chances of spawning. ” Following the report from the technical committee earlier this month. Rebuild inventory when environmental conditions improve. “

According to Maggie Hunter, a scientist at the Maine Department of Marine Resources, a recent survey of shrimp shows that the numbers are much lower than historical averages and are abundant for the seventh consecutive year. Warm waters are still a problem, according to Hunter.

“Temperature data continues to show adverse conditions for northern shrimp,” Hunter said. “Inventory is still in poor condition.”

The loss of the shrimp fishery was financially difficult for Maine fishermen, as it was previously a way for red-spotted shrimp fishermen and others to make money during the cold winter months. The domestic cold-water shrimp industry was almost entirely based in Maine, but some shrimp came to docks in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Canadian fishermen harvest the same species and may still be available to consumers in the United States. They are often referred to as “northern shrimp” or “main shrimp” and are small pink shrimp that are highly regarded in the culinary world for their sweet meat. Shrimp is a small part of the global shrimp fishing and agriculture that produces proteins that are popular around the world.

By 2011, Maine fishermen had harvested over £ 10m a year in shrimp. Catch fell to less than £ 5m in 2012 and less than £ 600,000 in 2013, after which the ban came into effect.

The Regulatory Commission also voted to investigate the possibility of allowing private use fishing of shrimp.

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Shrimp fishing in New England remains closed due to high water temperatures | Work

Source link Shrimp fishing in New England remains closed due to high water temperatures | Work

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