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Shooting outside Iowa High School kills teens and injures two | Nationwide

Des Moines, Iowa (AP) — One teenager was killed and two others were seriously injured after shootings from passing vehicles hit them outside a school in Iowa.

Des Moines police said in a news release that a shooting was detained on the grounds of East High School near downtown Des Moines, about 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from the Capitol on Monday afternoon. He was not immediately charged.

Sgt.Paul Parizek told KCCI-TV That Calls began to flow around 2:50 pm, just before the class was scheduled to be disbanded that day.

Police did not identify those ammunition, but said a 15-year-old man had died. He was not a student in East.

The other two shots are women aged 16 and 18, both of whom go to the east. They were hospitalized in a critical situation.

The district said in a news release that the school was immediately closed and students were trapped inside while police were investigating. They were fired around 3:30 pm after law enforcement revealed everything.

Principal Jill Versteeg described what happened as “the worst nightmare for everyone” and urged parents to “hug and love their students.”

The school district said it had no classes on Tuesday and would postpone the ACT college entrance exam and parent-teacher meeting. The district also made available sorrowful counselors.

“Gun control and real changes in access will greatly help us,” said Thomas Ahart, who said shooting at school was “too common.”

“Our staff and students are forced to train for these incidents, and repeated training and incident-related trauma will remain with them for the next few years. Our state and ours. Country firearms are very easy to access. “

Police said they did not believe the threat to the public continued.

The motive was not immediately apparent, and Parizek did not provide details about the potential suspect. He said witnesses were being interviewed and investigators were executing investigation warrants.

Authorities recovered the shell casing from the scene while investigating what had happened.

“Obviously, we threw all the resources we had with this. We know that the kids at that school are the most valuable cargo in our community.”

Des Moines police chief Dana Wingert went to school after the shooting and expressed dissatisfaction with the violence.

“Unfortunately, what happened here today was another pointless tragedy in our community,” Wingert told television station WOI-TV. “People who use firearms to solve the difference.”

According to police, this year was the fourth murder in Des Moines.


Hollingsworth reported from the Kansas mission.

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Shooting outside Iowa High School kills teens and injures two | Nationwide

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