Shooter claims self-defense in the killing of an Orlando Magic player, court records show – Reading Eagle

The shooter who killed Adrey Anpain, a former college basketball star and Orlando Magic player, shot Pain in self-defense. The Sheriff’s Office in Orange County has determined that his actions are not justified, court records show.

Lawrence Doriti, 29, was arrested on Monday for a murder warrant and taken to Orange County Prison. He has been detained without bail and has been acquitted.

On Tuesday, Dority lawyer Harold Thompson filed a motion seeking court to allow his clients to be released on public debt. Doriti, Thompson, writes, “There is a substantial connection to the community … there is no risk of flight.”

According to the OCSO’s affidavit, at around 1:30 am on Monday, an agent responded to a shooting at 2500 blocks of Eaglet Shores Drive at Econ Landing Town Home.

According to OCSO, the agent found 31-year-old Pain suffering from a gunshot wound and sitting on a black Chevrolet sedan. Orange County Fire Rescue transferred Pain to Advent Health Hospital East, but was sentenced to death at 2:23 am.

Dority, who called 911, stayed in the field in cooperation with the OCSO investigation.

The agent said that witnesses whose names were edited from the affidavit asked her and Payne to come to the townhouse from Dority’s girlfriend Tatiana Mesa and act as an intermediary for the couple. I knew. Those who witnesses claim “often”. Payne and the Witness drove separately. Payne first arrived at Doriti’s house.

Dority later arrived in a car driven by his father, Larry Doriti.Lawrence Doriti got out of his father’s car, approached the black Chevrolet, and began a discussion. Payne, said Larry Doriti.Elder Dority He told authorities that he thought his son appeared to be threatened based on Payne’s height.

Pain’s listed height during his basketball career was 6 feet -10.

After the discussion, Doriti went inside the house and came back with something under his shirt., The affidavit said. According to his affidavit, he approached Payne, pointed his 9mm pistol, took a shooting position, and fired a single ammunition.

Doriti calls 911 and tells Dispatch that Pain is about to enter his house, saying Pain “gets his gun, I ran through my house and shot him.” rice field.

In an interview with his agent, Doriti said he didn’t know how Payne knew where he lived and realized that the towering presence of a former basketball player was threatened. According to his affidavit, Doriti saw the shape of the gun on the right side of Pain’s shirt and claimed that Pain said, “I’m going to smoke a bra.”

Doriti told detective Christopher Gilberti His actions were justified because he was protecting his family and home.

However, Gilberty confirmed that Payne did not have a gun when he was taken to the hospital and determined that he was a former basketball player. Based on the witness’s testimony and surveillance video depicting the scene, it did not pose an imminent threat to Dority.

Contributed by staff writer Jeff Weiner.


Shooter claims self-defense in the killing of an Orlando Magic player, court records show – Reading Eagle

Source link Shooter claims self-defense in the killing of an Orlando Magic player, court records show – Reading Eagle

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