Shoemakers Bill Scouts prepare to plant flower beds in the park

The flowerbed at the entrance to the Perry Township Recreation Area is ready to be planted with the help of members of Shoemakersville Scout Unit 163.

In a community service project on April 4, the scouts removed the black plastic under the mulch and replaced the mulch on the flowerbed of the park sign to prepare for planting. They continue to support flowerbed maintenance throughout the year in parks and town buildings.

“The Township Park area provides a great atmosphere for the community to enjoy. The Scouts have provided the spirit and pride of the community and gained a selfless service experience,” said Brian Smith, Scout Master at Troop 163. Said.

This is the third project the military has provided to Perry Township over the past year. In the fall of 2021, they helped plant bulbs at Perry Township Park and also helped clean roots and stones at Perry Township Building.

“Scout Force 163, sponsored by the Lutheran Church in Zion’s Shoemakersville, has returned to the rescue,” said Nancy M. James, a member of the Perry Township Nature Maintenance and Beautification Commission.

James thanked eight scouts between the ages of 12 and 17 and three adult leaders involved in the project.

“Perry Township is preparing for a new season at Township Park and is making very necessary upgrades,” she said.

All perennials and upgrade time will be donated.

She explained how the scout helped.

“The flowerbed will be renewed and more flowers will be planted. However, the black plastic underneath the root cover was causing problems, so I recruited scouts to tear the plastic as a service project and roots. I exchanged the canopy. “

She explained to the scout that the soil is the clay where you want to put the plants, so you need to remove enough clay and add new soil for the roots to build a solid foothold. Not many perennials survive on clay soil, she said.

“Involving Scouts teaches them in many different ways. We learned about gardening, how different plants attract different creatures, how to enjoy nature, community services, and how to work together,” says James. I am.

James is also working on creating a blue bird trail in the park in the future.

“Last year, when I was working in the yard, I saw some people flying around and thought it was the best place for a trail.

Volunteers can help monitor the box.

“If you don’t know how to do it but want to learn, I’ll tell you.”

Also, at 11:00 am on May 14, Perry Township will host the first plant exchange, rain or brilliance at the Perry Township Recreation Park Pavilion.

I bring plants to replace the plants, but I don’t have foliage plants. Make a note of the name of the plant and whether you need sunlight or shade. The plant should be divided into small fist-sized chunks. Since the plant has bare roots, there are no pots or ground. Wrap it in wet newspaper and put it in a plastic bag.

For more information and updates, visit the Perry Township Berks County Facebook page, call 610-562-2133 and email, or visit the following website: please.

Shoemakers Bill Scouts prepare to plant flower beds in the park

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