Sheryl Underwood talks about Sharon Osbourne’s departure from “talk” – NBC10 Philadelphia

Cheryl Underwood Speaking after her co-host, Sharon Osbourne,Finished “Talk” a few weeks ago..

Osborne was involved in controversy after defending Piers Morgan By exchanging heat with underwood, Like them Discussion Whether Morgan commented Megan Markle In the wake of her bomb, Opla’s interview was racist.

At the time, Underwood might feel to Osborne, “While you’re standing by a friend, it looks like you’ve given something he said to be a racist a verification or safe haven. What do you say to people who don’t? I don’t agree. “

Underwood stood before the question, claiming that Osborne was not a racist, but Brit still felt “like I was about to be put in an electric chair.”

The 68-year-old woman added, “How do you become a racist about someone or something in your life?”

Next Friday, Osborne Apologies for a statement posted on social media..

“I’m really sorry for those who are the color I’m offended and / or who are confused or disappointed with what I said,” she wrote.

She felt “blind” to the question from the co-sponsor and was unresponsive, but added that she “continues to learn, listen and improve.”

On March 26, CBS issued a statement regarding the incident.

“The March 10 broadcast event was angry with everyone involved, including the audience watching at home,” he said. “As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s actions towards her co-sponsor during the March 10 episode were inconsistent with our values ​​for a respectful workplace.”

Underwood, 57, publishes a three-part series about his “traumatic” experience with Osborne. Cheryl Underwood Radio, The title “Sharon Walks Away” released from April 2nd to 4th.

Star fired from reality show

Filmed about a week after Osborne left the show, Underwood looked back at her phone to make sure Osborne hadn’t contacted her since the incident.

“No, ok, I was looking through my cell phone,” she said. “No. I can go back as much as I can. No.”

Osborne responded to Underwood’s claim: Daily mail On Tuesday, she said she had contacted her former co-host. Outlet has released a screenshot of a text message from a former “America’s Got Talent” judge, E! Not independently verified by. news.

“I not only sent these messages to Cheryl, but also apologized directly in her dressing room,” Osborne told the Daily Mail. “Why am I saying I never apologized to Cheryl? What are you trying to do to me? … Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Honestly Please tell me. Please tell me. ”

E! The news is asking her representative for comment.

Underwood also claimed that he had not been contacted by other castmates in the aftermath of the episode.The· The show is dormant Until April 12th.

“No, not personally,” she said, and was surprised at the number of people who had similar experiences.

“I was surprised at those people and the stories they told me.’This happened to me,'” she said. “I’m going to ask people,’Can I give you a name?'”

In a podcast, Underwood was asked how she felt The Osbournes Public Apology, She shared on social media on March 11th.

Underwood said she had a “strange” feeling about it.

“The problem is, for me, it’s about trust,” she said. “We don’t want to increase chatter in a negative way that doesn’t bring positive solutions and trust, growth and evolution.”

Underwood said he apologized directly to Osborne, both on-air and after the show.

The “bold and beautiful” star continued. “The first thing I thought was,” Whatever role I played intentionally or unintentionally, please forgive me and accept to apologize for this misunderstanding. “And I I still couldn’t get what you were looking for, and that was a shame. “

She feels that Osborne didn’t get “best advice and advice” on how to deal with the situation. Underwood believes Osborne would not have left “talk” “if this had been done differently.”

Knowing the departure of The Osbournes, Underwood learned that a former colleague had to do the “best” thing for himself and his family, but realized that those who disliked him called her a “sucker.” It was.

In retrospect, she regrets that the situation had happened altogether.

“This will be out of my control,” she said.

In explaining her relationship with Osborne, she called her a “fast friend” before the controversy.

“You’re sitting next to someone and talking for about 10 years. I’ll get advice from her. She’s been in business for a long time, and I remember when I said,’You’re a person. I don’t know that I’m a racist. I know you’re at work and on a journey. “

“I still love The Osbournes, as I know it,” Underwood later revealed. “I know nothing but what I’ve experienced with them, and this that happened is disappointing to me, and maybe people say I’m still in love with The Osbournes.” You don’t want to hear.

“I’m not saying I like being treated as I was,” she said. “I’m very disappointed. It was traumatic, so I’m trying to navigate my feelings about it. Remember I said it was PTSD in shock and slow motion.”

However, she seemed to approve how the “talk” team dealt with the dispute.

“I was delighted and surprised at how this was handled, that it was solution driven, and that it was driving healing,” she said. “I was happy and surprised to get to the bottom of things so that we could get things right.”

On March 12, CBS announced an internal review of “The Talk.” In a statement to E! According to the news, the network at the time said, “We are working on a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace. All issues related to the Wednesday episode of’Talk’are currently under internal review.” It was.

Underwood said the positive response from the network helped him get back to work in just a day.

In her podcast series, Underwood gave more insight into the mood of the set after the March 10 incident.

“I was a little worried, but I was still telling myself,’Cheryl, this isn’t as harmful as you thought. It still hurts, but they’re trying to fall to the bottom of something. It seems there is. ”It wasn’t as strange as I expected.”

“The Talk” will return on April 12th.

Sheryl Underwood talks about Sharon Osbourne’s departure from “talk” – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link Sheryl Underwood talks about Sharon Osbourne’s departure from “talk” – NBC10 Philadelphia

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