Sherman Street Baseball Bargains Repainted by Pens Manor Art Students | News

Pence Manor Art students repainted the bargains at the Sherman Street baseball field last Tuesday, backing up the school’s nickname, The Comets.

According to Climber Autonomous Region Manager Sonya Schlenkel, Pensmanor Art students spent two days painting the dugouts used by Pensmanor’s youth baseball team and the Climber Little League team.

“I would like to give a big” thank you “to the students of Pens Manor Art,” Schlenkel said. “They did a great job. They had to dodge the rain … but a group of students did a great job, and I think (bargains) look beautiful.”

According to Schlenkel, the project began when Bob Paronish, a pen’s manner art teacher, contacted her and his art student suggested repainting the bargain.

Also on Wednesday, the Board unanimously motioned to close Morris Street from Third Street to Force Street from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm on Sunday, August 14, for the Parish Festival hosted by the Resurrection Church. approved.

Under the general attendance of the conference, Pastor Nazaren Al Nolan’s Kenwood Church and Pastor Bob Sanseri, who also serve as Climber Minister, were invited by Schlenkel to discuss events at the vacation Bible School throughout the region. Said Nolan.

The Vacation Bible School event, which takes place from June 27th to July 1st at Sherman Street Park from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm, is a collaboration of multiple local churches from different denominations. Nolan and Sanseri said that in addition to their own churches, there are other churches involved, such as the Resurrection Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Joint Methodist Church, and the Missionary Alliance Church.

Free events open to the community include Bible lessons, games, snacks, songs, arts, crafts, mission stories and much more. In bad weather, the event takes place at the Climber’s United Methodist Church.

The council chair, Louis Tate, said the joint event at the Vacation Bible School is a good opportunity to teach local children their faith.

“Anything that gives a positive impression to children,” Tate said. So this is a great opportunity to do so. “

In other news on Wednesday, Schlenkel read the May Mayor’s report and explained that:

• Parking meter revenue is $ 0

• State police fine $ 351.71

• A $ 1,208.81 fine for justice of the peace and court clerk

• Parking meter fine $ 108

• $ 900 from Marion Center Autonomous Region Services

In the police report section of the meeting on Wednesday, the Climber Autonomous Region Police said:

• The Autonomous Region hosted the 2022 Police Officer Memorial Ceremony at Tate Park on May 12.

• The first new police car in the autonomous region is currently equipped and will be in use by mid-June.

• The second cruiser in the autonomous region is ready to be picked up by Tri-Star

• Autonomous Region received updated new radio for police station

• Police arrested seven people in May, at least five of whom were associated with drug crimes.

• Police received 93 complaints in May, 70 of which were traffic outages and 17 of which were related to the autonomous region’s grass ordinance.

• Police issued 56 traffic tickets in May, fined a total of $ 6,703. Of these, 18 were speed limit violations and 14 were due to registration and absence of ownership certificate.

• Police issued four tickets in May for improper parking and meter violations, resulting in a fine of $ 48.

Sherman Street Baseball Bargains Repainted by Pens Manor Art Students | News

Source link Sherman Street Baseball Bargains Repainted by Pens Manor Art Students | News

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