Sharon Stone supporting amfAR taught me compassion | Celebrities

Sharon Stone learned a lot about how to be a compassionate person from a collaboration with the AIDS Research Foundation in the United States.

The “Basic Instinct” actress gave a passionate speech at the “The AIDS Monument Breakthrough” event in West Hollywood on Saturday (05.06.21). 1998-And by helping people living with HIV and AIDS, she realized she had to accept “the person next door no matter what.”

Emotional Sharon said, “The main thing I learned as an AIDS worker was that it wasn’t just about AIDS. Look at your neighbors and accept them no matter what. together”

June 5th marks the 40th anniversary of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting the first case of AIDS in the United States, and a ceremony was held in West Hollywood Park in recognition of that fact.

In her speech, Sharon, 63, remembered all the people in the world who had tragically lost their lives to AIDS.

“And while we are making this monument in the little neck of the forest, this is a global moment. While we are standing here and fighting hand in hand, 4400 Everyone died on our watch. “

Whoopi Goldberg, Star Trek star George Takei, Richard Gere and others were also present, so Sharon wasn’t the only Hollywood icon to attend the event.

The monument itself will be located next to West Hollywood Park in San Vicente Boulevard.

The description of Sharon’s role on the amfAR website states: Every time she appears in many public places, she is tireless in raising awareness of HIV / AIDS as a threat to social and economic stability and emphasizing the urgent need for ongoing AIDS research. I have made an effort. “

Sharon Stone supporting amfAR taught me compassion | Celebrities

Source link Sharon Stone supporting amfAR taught me compassion | Celebrities

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