Shadowheat is already off to a good start for the summer and beyond (will it be the next Yurtseven?) – Reading Eagle

Shadowheat is familiar with the secret societies hidden by the unique group that preceded them, Pat Riley and the team’s development staff. While all the other eyes are paying attention to the NBA Playoffs stars.

Therefore, Shadow Heat takes turns before heat regulars hit the court for a pre-match warm-up in the last six weeks, and after those players finish the shootaround.

A small trick that Riley, Andy Elysburg, Adam Simon, and the heatfront office flagship have mastered over the years, adding players later in the season with the potential for a summer league breakout. increase.

Predecessors include Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, Omer Yurt Seven and others, all quietly transforming behind-the-scenes work in May and June into a career take-off point for the Summer League.

This time around, prospects such as Mychal Mulder, Javonte Smart, and Haywood Highsmith are tagging and will soon be in the spotlight in the July Summer League in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

For example, Robinson was converted to a standard contract It has been under the control of the team since the last week of the 2018-19 season and the first day of the off-season.

For Nan, it was brought to the final day of the 2018-19 season and thrived in the summer of 2019.

And last season, Yurtseven signed the final week of the regular season and took ownership of the NBA’s 2021 Summer League.

“It’s all about getting ready and showing how to get ready,” said Yurtseven, who traveled with Heat in the playoffs last season, as Highsmith, Smart and Moulder did this season. Two-way contract.

Robinson said: Certainly it will help those people. “

Highsmith (Philadelphia 76ers), Smart (Milwaukee Bucks), Marder (Golden State Warriors, Orlando) all have previous NBA experience, have more tweaked skill sets over the last few weeks, and Heat Hope It can mesh with cores that are already in place.

Everyone has a contract with the team for next season.

“Just seeing how they prepare for the playoffs every day is a great help,” Smart said of the postseason run. “I am with these people every day. I talk to them every day. I work every day, working on what I need to learn and continuing to learn.

“We have a holiday, but it’s not a holiday for me. Coaches are really in favor of making us better and growing, so we can be the professionals we want to be. increase.”

For some heat players given such late-season deals, the process ended in the Summer League, as in the case of Yante Martin in 2019.

Therefore, Mulder understands that Heat is just a preparatory task as he plays his first summer game in the Warriors Arena and advances to the entire league-wide summer league on the UNLV campus.

“It’s a great time for us to get better,” Marder said. “Individually, it makes us so good to lead us to the summer. We are really excited to have a good summer and keep improving.”

Going there, both Robinson and Yurtseven thank them for their dedication, Yurtseven also participated in some of the training with newcomers, and it’s unclear if he will also participate in the Summer League.

Last year’s heat playoff run was limited to Bucks’ hand sweep of the opening round, but this experience is essential as Yurtseven believes this extended run is for the latest applicants. Said.

“I think it’s great to see everyone incorporating all the details. It’s a regular season so I don’t think we’ll dive into too much detail,” he said.

“Whenever the stars see it, no matter what the details or the number of people, I think it was a big takeaway for me, and I think it’s like they’re seeing.”

Robinson, who has lived up to such preparatory work, said these weeks should be irreplaceable.

“They just prepare you for the summer league,” Robinson said. “They are preparing you to lead. They are preparing to become a staple of what you are doing in the Summer League.”


Shadowheat is already off to a good start for the summer and beyond (will it be the next Yurtseven?) – Reading Eagle

Source link Shadowheat is already off to a good start for the summer and beyond (will it be the next Yurtseven?) – Reading Eagle

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