Sex offenders charged with puncture wounds for online solicitation

Kingston — A sex offender registered as a state prisoner was charged on Tuesday for seeking sex from a 15-year-old boy who turned out to be an adult man working with police.

Michael Halye was sued using Greene’s State Correctional Institution’s online Zoom platform.

Kingston’s James Hagati District Judge has set bail at $ 75,000. However, 47-year-old Hale, who finally listed his address as Scranton’s Moosic Street, said he was in prison for five months for parole violations.

In 2011, Harry, who lived in Hazleton at the time, was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison for denying a plea that deviated from unwilling sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl. He also Sexually violent predators By the court.

All recent accusations against Harry are felony, including illegal contact with minors in sexual activity, solicitation for statutory sexual assault, and criminal use of communications facilities. His case was one of nine people investigated in October by Kingston police, who relied on evidence collected by predator Catcher Musa Harris of Luzerne County. Overall, since 2020, the ministry has arrested more than 30 adults for seeking sex online from people who believe they are teenage boys or girls.

The complaint filed against Harry states:

Harry started online communication at 3:21 am on July 21st. They discussed a meeting to have sex and Harry provided the address of his Moosic Street apartment. Harry and the boy exchanged pictures of their penis, and Harry gave his guarantee to the boy who wouldn’t know they were having sex.

“If anyone is around, call me daddy,” Harry told the boy.

Later in the afternoon, they started sending text messages about the meeting. Harry told the boy that he had hernia surgery on August 2 and “has no sex for at least a month after that.” At Harry’s direction, the boy was to meet him at the house next to Music Street.

A man working with the police informed Harry of his arrival. The man walked to Harry, who was on the balcony facing the house next door, and recorded their encounters in audio and video.

After noticing that the boy had not arrived, Harry began to return to the apartment building. Harry said he wasn’t waiting for someone, he was out and smoking. Harry said he wouldn’t talk to anyone under the age of 18, denying “trying to connect with someone.”

When the man brought up certain information about a previous online conversation, Harry asked, “Can I forget it?” I added that this was my first time. Harry opened his phone and admitted that the boy had made his age 15 years old. And the man asked Harry if he thought he had a problem doing this. Harry replied “yes” and said he had removed the phone app and would never happen again.

The man asked someone to call 911, and Harry immediately entered the apartment building.

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Sex offenders charged with puncture wounds for online solicitation

Source link Sex offenders charged with puncture wounds for online solicitation

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