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Orlando Magic, Owners of NBA Draft picks 1, 32 and 35There are multiple chances to add to their roster on June 23rd.

After starting reconstruction in March 2021, Magic already has a pretty young talent. In Orlando, nine players drafted in the first round since 2017 have signed a contract for the 2022-23 season.

Nevertheless, Magic has a clear need after finishing 2021-22 with a record of 22-60.

When the roster is standing, Orlando needs a 3D wing / forward with an emphasis on reliable three-point shooting.Magic can also use different big / centers depending on what happens MoBamba Limited Free Agent..

After taking the pre-draft assessment a step further at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago in mid-May, Magic has a training outlook ahead of the draft.

This story is part of a series about players Magic was interviewed or resolved in Orlando:

Jarid Roden (Seton Hall)

Height: 6ft-6 | Weight: 201 lbs | Age: 22 | Wingspan: 6ft-11

Average for 2021-22: 15.5 points (39% from the field — 41% in 2 seconds, 33.6% in 3 seconds), 6.7 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.2 steals.

Connection: Worked for Magic on June 6th

Note: Just because a player works for a team does not mean they are the target of the draft. The fact that the team does not determine prospects does not mean that they do not draft them. The six pre-draft prospects are allowed on the court at one time and not on the court with NBA players. Some players sought feedback from the NBA team before the June 1st deadline. College players had to decide whether to stay in the draft or withdraw and retain the qualifications of the rest of the college.

Buzz: Roden was named the first team of the past season, All Big East, and the fourth in the Pirates. He was the top scorer for the Seton Hall team in the NCAA tournament, peaking at 15th place in the AP vote. Roden has no plans to be drafted.

Scout report: Excellent boundary defender. His active hands, lateral speed, effort, length and size help him stand out at that edge of the floor. He can navigate the screen well and is difficult to create separations, but he is sometimes overly aggressive and can get out of play in the closeout or overtaking lane. A good rebounder. It’s an inconsistent shooter, but it works well for catch-and-shoot opportunities. His 81.7% free-throw rate over the last two seasons suggests he’s shooting upside down. A smart and effective cutter. His first steps and the finish on the rim need to be improved. He’s not the best creator offensively, but he’s not held professionally responsible. He creates the correct path.

fit: Roden can be a 3D wing that Magic can use. His three-point shooting could determine if he would land on the NBA’s roster. If he could be more consistent as an external shooter, he would be a good player for Magic to consider drafts in the second round. Roden also makes sense as a two-way contract option, if not drafted, or as an option with Orlando’s G-League affiliate Lakeland Magic.

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Seton Hall’s Jared Rhoden – Reading Eagle

Source link Seton Hall’s Jared Rhoden – Reading Eagle

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