Seth Curry is back to help Nets avoid the catastrophic loss of the Trail Blazers – Reading Eagle

There was no way for Nets to offer another game.

Nets witnessed another disappointing defeat after Spencer Dinwidy buzzed and won at Barclays Center on Wednesday. This time around, we’re against the Western 12-seed Portland Trail Blazers, a team that lacks most of their main talent. Includes injured superstar Damian Lillard.

But Kevin Durant got help he didn’t have against Dallas: No, not vaccinated Kyrie Irving, but returning from an ankle injury and netting 128-123 on Friday’s Craze victory.

Curry scored 27 points and hit seven threes after missing three games in a row with ankle injuries. He helped Nets win the long-awaited victory, as when Nets competed for a playoff position as the eighth seed of the Eastern Conference.

If Nets rescues the rest of the regular season and runs on the sixth seed, the last playoff seed exempt from the territory of the Sudden Death play-in tournament, they must win.

Or get closer to the perfect record as much as possible to finish the rest of the game of the season.

This is because the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors are now behind the sixth seed in the east, and the Nets are three games behind the two games. So Nets needs to win three more games than both the Cavaliers and the Raptors to be sixth in the meeting.

Nets holds the tiebreaker in the 2-1 series record against the Cavaliers, but draws 2-2 in the season series against the Raptors. Both the Nets and the Raptors are in the same division, neither of which leads the Atlantic Ocean, so the tiebreaker goes to the team with the highest record in the division.

As of Friday night, the net is 9-6 against Atlantic Division opponents and the Raptors are 7-5.

This is important. Kyrie Irving, who has only 12 more games in the regular season, has not been vaccinated and is not eligible to play in home games until the New York City Vaccination Directive changes, can only play in the remaining three games. Of the regular season.

Play-in tournament rules force the 7th and 8th seeds of each meeting to play a game in which the winner completely robs the 7th seed. The loser of the No. 7 vs. No. 8 game is No. Play the winner of the 8 vs. No. 9 game.

The loser of the game is completely excluded from the playoffs picture. The winner secures the 8th seed.

That’s why Nets needs to hit the pedal against metal, and the first half, like the one against Portland, isn’t particularly acceptable to championship candidates, even if some pieces are short-handed.

The Trail Blazers, who averaged 107 points per game during the season, led 75-62. This was one of the more embarrassing efforts on the Nets side throughout the season. They were a team that seemed indifferent to protecting the rims and accepting individual one-on-one defense challenges. The lack of care for the ball exacerbated the Nets struggle in the first and second quarters. Brooklyn turned the ball more than nine times during the first two periods.

Durant was an accomplice, especially in the turnover category. He scored 38 points on an 11-of-15 shot from the field, but turned the ball more than eight times under Portland’s swarming defensive pressure.

However, curry has alleviated some of that pressure. In particular, it was a set of minutes that Durant was watching from bystanders during the first few minutes of the fourth quarter. Curry, who came from deep all night, scored six of the first eight points of the period in two consecutive three pairs that gave Nets the first two-digit lead of the night.

The Trail Blazers called a timeout and did not respond.

The Nets dragged 18 points, but regained momentum in the third quarter, surpassing the Trail Blazers (39-26). Nets needs to bottle the aggression of the second half and use it to start the rest of the regular season game.

The competition will be much tougher than the 12th seeded trail blazer on the rest of the journey of this regular season, and the net needs every win they can get. Defeat can be the difference between playing off and continuing with a second disappointing early termination.


Seth Curry is back to help Nets avoid the catastrophic loss of the Trail Blazers – Reading Eagle

Source link Seth Curry is back to help Nets avoid the catastrophic loss of the Trail Blazers – Reading Eagle

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