Senior Menu, November 25, 2021

November 29-December 3

Monday: Dice-cut chicken, country potatoes, green beans, sliced ​​bread, fresh apples, chocolate cookies.

Tuesday: Beef chips with mushroom gravy sauce and pearl onions, cheesy mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and carrots, and sliced ​​bread (2).

Wednesday: Grilled Rotini, Italian mixed vegetables, fresh pears.

Thursday: Hot dogs, hot dog bread, baked beans, sunset ship juice, mozarella cheese sticks, mustard.

Friday: Pollock Florence, green spinach or grilled chicken nuggets (whole grain); both main dishes: sliced ​​bread, broccoli, fresh oranges, multi-grain sun chips.

All meals were served with 2% white milk.

Dietary Regulations: Volunteers will not deliver or leave food to anyone other than the consumer without the prior permission of the care manager.

Senior Menu, November 25, 2021

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