Senator wants tech, telecom goods in defense bill

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— Defend: Senators have submitted hundreds of amendments to the annual defense bill that must be passed. Here are the technologies and telecommunications that you need to know.

–Together: European and US officials today conclude a two-day meeting focused on addressing the dissemination of child sexual abuse material online.

— Build the foundation: Some of Facebook’s decisions over the last few years may have been due to an interest in building a metaverse.

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Look at the NDAA — When Senators return to Washington next week, one of the most pressing issues they face is passing the National Defense Authorization Act. Pushed back much more than usual.. Congressmen have submitted about 700 amendments to the annual defense bill, including some related to technology and telecommunications.

— From the Democratic Party: Corrected slate from Sen. Ron Weiden Oregon deals with surveillance issues. Some have instructed federal law enforcement agencies to identify and develop countermeasures for wiretapping devices used to track mobile phone user location data, while Pentagon options and defense to combat digital authoritarianism. Some request a report from the ministry on the purchase and use of mobile location data. And internet metadata.

Correction from Sen. Gary Peters Michigan has established a pilot program for public-private partnerships with Internet companies to thwart malicious cyber attackers, and another program from Hawaii Sens. Brian Schatz When Hirono Majie A fund will be set up at the National Telecommunications Information Authority for broadband deployments and submarine cable landing stations in the state.

— Bipartisan idea: One amendment includes the wording of the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which bans imports from China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, where the Chinese government allegedly imprisoned members of the Uighur minority group of Muslims. (7 Apple suppliers Accused of using forced labor Earlier this year, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region said iPhone makers hadn’t found evidence of those claims.Apple I was against the bill, but now I support it After certain changes have been made. The law passed the Senate earlier this year. This shows that Senators are urging members of the House of Representatives to pass the bill.Another fix Will crack down on counterfeit products It’s sold in the online marketplace (a problem that Amazon has long been criticized for).

Other amendments focus on privacy and include those that increase federal support for research on digital privacy technologies. Another amendment will add wording from the US Security Drone Act that prohibits the government from purchasing drones manufactured in countries that are considered a national security threat (read: China). Regulations related to emerging technologies have established task forces on the governance and monitoring of AI with artificial intelligence centers in the United States and Israel, with amendments from Sens. Maggie Hassan (DN.H.) and John thune (RS.D.) Will facilitate quantum R & D.

sense. Michael Bennett (D-Colorado) and Bensus (R-Neb.) Has also introduced amendments that oversee the responsible use of emerging technologies and establish their position in various federal agencies that form the Technology Competitiveness Council. This is a bipartisan effort excluded from the House Defense Bill.

— GOP Wish List: Republicans are trying to re-include a language that bans the use of TikTok on government devices after the house version skips it. sense. Rob Portman Ohio Marco Rubio Each Florida state has a fix from Rubio that bans the intelligence community from opening official accounts on foreign-owned social media platforms (ie TikTok), and a clause from Portman to create a task force to reduce spreads. Introduced several fixes, including deepfake. This latter effort has been praised by technology companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.

— Familiar face: Two of the Senate’s technical amendments were already approved in the house version. One demands the Department of State’s annual report on oversight sales to oppressive governments, and the other establishes the National Digital Reserve Corps, which allows private technical workers to engage in short-term federal missions. Is to do.

It’s official– President Joe Biden signed a security law on Thursday. This requires the FCC to prevent Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE, which are likely to pose a national security risk, from gaining a foothold in the US telecommunications network. The Senate unanimously passed the bill last week.

Increase pressure — A group of Western officials are expected to step up their calls to better tools and legislation to combat child pornography online. According to the draft joint statement distributed by the EU last week..

— Guest list: The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Interior of EU countries and EU Interior Commissioner Ilva Johansson. The United States was represented by Richard Downing, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Justice for the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division.

The virtual meeting was held by the Presidency of the European Council in Slovenia. The European Council has designated the fight against child sexual abuse as one of its main priorities. “Especially in the online context, the rapid changes in technology have ushered in a new era of child exploitation with unprecedented levels of scale, complexity and risk,” said the draft statement.

— Eternal encryption discussion: Ministers are also expected to reiterate the importance of making data accessible to law enforcement agencies through “appropriate and viable solutions for data retention, encryption and eDiscovery.” .. We will also note that the solution needs to “fully respect basic rights” such as privacy.

But as Apple experienced earlier this year, the real-world answer will be much more complicated. The company announced a feature aimed at flagging child abuse material panned by privacy groups due to concerns about tool abuse by the government, and then put it on hold.

Mobile is dead.Make the Metaverse live longer — — One Reason Underlying Facebook’s Decision Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook messaging platforms According to a newly released document from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, it was to help prepare the Metaverse. It’s a virtual world where the company wants the mobile internet to succeed.

In a comment to a post on December 6, 2018, Facebook’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Head, Andrew Bosworth, said Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram users sent messages between apps to tell us. Best position on the next platform. ”(Bosworth, who will be the company’s CTO next year, teeth Key architect Of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse ambitions. )

His comment I have responded to a long presentation Another Facebook worker who questioned the company’s three-year effort to integrate Messenger and WhatsApp claimed that communications were moving beyond mobile to virtual reality and connected cars. However, Bosworth has assured concerns that the integration project will support Facebook in virtual reality.

“we are Construction of AR glass. Sure … Mark Zuckerberg and I know the roadmap! I don’t know if “getting off the phone number” is the goal, but “the network isn’t fragmented” means that in the latter case, it offers a product as powerful as its biggest competitor (Apple). Is very difficult. “He said in a comment.

Hogen’s speech — Facebook whistleblowers are taking a whirlwind tour of the European capital, including stops in Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin. She won praise from lawmakers, but she also had a lot of help, Report by Mark Scott and Laura Kayali from POLITICO.. The well-funded lobbying run by former Hillary Clinton aide opened her doors throughout the EU when she went from country to country and persuaded lawmakers to crack down on social media platforms, they said. I am writing.

First in MT: J.David Grossman Resigned as Executive Director of GPS Innovation Alliance. Alex Damart Appointed as Deputy Managing Director. Damart was the legislative director of a member of the Diet. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) And telecommunications policy support Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.). He will continue to serve as Chief Policy Advisor to Wilkinson, Barker & Nower.

Christina Ishmael Currently, I am the Deputy Director of the Educational Technology Office of the Ministry of Education. She was recently a senior researcher in New America.

bring it on: “Can ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, challenge Spotify with Apple’s music streaming?” More from information..

Lend a hand: Earth Engine, Google’s mysterious satellite project, helps scientists fight climate change disasters. Bloomberg Report..

Gold Gold Gold: “Facebook is spending billions of dollars to buy Metaverse.” Via Vox..

MT only: Democrats are moving the social spending package forward, but civil society groups are already calling for: “We are writing to encourage your office to focus next on the monopoly power exercised by Big Tech,” said a coalition of 13 groups, including Accountable Tech, the American Economic Freedom Project and Demand Progress. Said In this morning’s letter Biden to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Senate leader Chuck Schumer..

There are no signs of slowdown: “Despite Facebook’s ending system, facial recognition technology will not disappear.” Via Bloomberg..

The action has consequences. “Frances Haugen’s leak of Facebook paper has a negative impact on tech companies’ decisions.” Written by Matt Perault, Director of the Technology Policy Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and former Facebook Director of Public Policy.

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Senator wants tech, telecom goods in defense bill

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