Senator looks to crack down on counterfeit e-commerce

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— From business: Senators today pressure major Internet industry groups on how to prevent counterfeit and stolen goods from flooding online marketplaces.

— Ask for help ping: Congressmen want to know how emergency communications have changed in the United States since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

— Digital Turf War: The next area of ​​long-standing feud between Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk could be satellite broadband.

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Senate Judiciary Tackle Fake — The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing this morning on how to clean up the online marketplace. This is a problem facing increasing congressional scrutiny with the rise of e-commerce platforms.

Commission members have introduced legislation that imposes more responsibility on online platforms for police sellers who provide counterfeit goods.Chair Dick derbin (D-Ill.) Is expected to focus on the INFORMATION Consumer Law today. S. 936 (117)Introduced with the other four members of the committee, including ranking members Chuck grasley (R-Iowa). Another bill, SHOP SAFE Act, S.1843 (117)Introduced in the Senate by members of the committee Chris Coons (D-Del.) And Tom Tillis (RN.C.), I support both laws.

“The voluntary efforts of big tech companies are a good first step, but obviously not enough,” says Grasley, according to a prepared statement. “Online companies can make a profit every time they sell their products on the platform, even if they are counterfeit or stolen.”

— Who do you expect: No one at Amazon plans to testify, but the panel will hear from Dane Snowden, president and chief executive officer of the Internet Association, of which Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are members. In his written testimony, Snowden urged lawmakers to prioritize national frameworks over state or local methods and avoid implementing requirements that would overburden small business owners.

This group was “encouraged” by the recently introduced house version of the INFORMATION Consumer Law. HR 5502 (117)Snowden wrote, pointing out the new “express preemption clause” added to the bill.Amazon Came out in support of the House bill last week — An important turnaround as the company was openly opposed to the Senate version.

“There are some areas in the bill that can be improved to further minimize the burden on honest sellers, but we believe this bill will help protect both small businesses and consumers.” Brian Hughesman, Amazon’s Vice President of Public Policy, said. I wrote in last week’s blog post..

Also testify today: Ben Dugan, director of CVS Health’s organized retail crime team. (ICYMI, The Wall Street Journal We published a fascinating story earlier this year Featuring Dugan and his team working to defeat criminals stealing goods from retailers like CVS and marketing online marketplaces like Amazon. )

Congressman is trying to improve communication in an emergency — Officials from agencies involved in national emergency communication systems will be heading to the Department of Homeland Security’s emergency preparedness panel today, following a similar event last month, including city and county-level emergency response personnel. ..

Legislators talk about programs such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s integrated public alert and alert system, which allows authorities to send emergency alerts to mobile devices, and FirstNet, a national broadband network dedicated to public security. ..

However, those systems are still facing limitations. “It is imperative that we continue to strengthen our technology so that our communications networks can recover from any danger,” he said. Valdemings (D-Fla.) Will say according to her prepared remarks. She is also expected to emphasize the urgency of addressing these resilience concerns as climate change causes more frequent natural disasters.

— Among witnesses: Ed Parkinson, CEO of FirstNet Authority, an independent sub-agency within the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, founded in 2012, Communication failure between first responders during attack on September 11.. He describes the steps organizations are taking to enhance their offerings, including expanding the fleet of deployable telecommunications assets and working to enable 5G access.

“Lack of communication can endanger the lives of first responders …. As a first responder’s wife, this very realistic scenario is truly unimaginable to me,” said a ranking member. Cut camac (R-Fla.) Will say according to her prepared remarks. She also emphasizes the difficulties faced by rural communities due to “lack of available resources and funds”.

At a hearing last month, several witnesses praised FirstNet’s effectiveness for first responders. Christopher Rodriguez, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, DC, Said in his written testimony At the Houses of Parliament on January 6, we worked with the FirstNet Authority to “ensure FirstNet to work for first responders.”

— Also testimony: FEMA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agencies Antwane Johnson and Billy Bob Brown Jr.

Starlink War — Amazon is ready to launch the first pair of prototype Internet satellites by the end of next year, in response to a request submitted to the FCC on Monday.

This is the next phase of Amazon’s Project Kuiper initiative, a planned network of 3,236 satellites that beam the high-speed Internet around the world. In a blog post on MondayThe company, which has promised to invest at least $ 10 billion in this effort, said it has 750 people working on the project and plans to “add hundreds more to the team next year.” rice field.

Verizon Announced last week Partnering with Amazon to use Project Kuiper to expand broadband access in rural areas across the United States

— Escalating feud: Mask’s SpaceX has its own satellite broadband program called Starlink. It has more than 1,700 satellites launched and is widely regarded as a leader in this field. (Starlink also Expand its existence to India.. ) In 2019, after Amazon announced the intention of Project Kuiper, the founder of Tesla Jab to Bezos on Twitter, Call him an impersonator.

2 billion millionaires were rivals For over 10 years.. Their feud has attracted public attention in recent years because of Mask’s candidness and enthusiasm for tweets. Most of the recent traffic between the two has focused on the competition between SpaceX and Bezos’ Blue Origin to make space travel a reality.

Peter Lewis I was promoted to Director of Government Affairs for DISH Network. Lewis joined the company from Sen in 2014. Lisa MurkowskiThe (R-Alaska) office is leading the company’s involvement with the Republican office. … Bronwin Flores Joins IBM to lead communications at IBM Policy Lab. Flores previously led the communications of startup Metrc and managed the Consumer Electronics Association’s policy communications. … Katharina Koerner As a Senior Fellow in Privacy Engineering, I participate in the research team of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Meredith Whittaker He is expected to participate in FTC as a policy advisor on artificial intelligence. Information report.. She is a former employee activist and AI researcher at Google. … Jack Baylor Currently, Sen’s Deputy Press Secretary. Roger Wicker (R-Miss). He was recently a news writer for The Washington Free Beacon. … Lisa Sullivan-Cross Participates in second-hand e-commerce startup Thrilling as an independent board member. She is responsible for Pinterest’s growth marketing. … Nina Chic Joined Truepic’s industry advice team..

Megan Stiffel I participate in the Security Technology Laboratory as Chief Strategy Officer. She was recently the Global Policy Officer of the Global Cyber ​​Alliance. Yaël Eisenstat join Philip Liner When Verazachem As co-chair Of a digitally influenced democracy initiative.

JSI Bridget Alexander White He was appointed Vice-Chair of the North American Numbering Council. Comcast Thomson Obasui, Telnyx Sara Haruko And Twilio Rebecca Murphy Thompson Join the NANC Numbering Management Oversight Working Group.

Spot on Halloween: Children’s pack ringing the doorbell Bezos Giant Kalorama House — A man on the intercom just said that the house was “not attending Halloween”. Some of the children told POLITICO’s Daniel Lipman that sources who were with the group, including children and adults, tweeted that they were going to TP his home with Amazon toilet paper. Bezos spent this weekend in Glasgow for a climate change conference, where he met the Welsh prince. Photo of the house late that night

go away: Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said meta-CEO Mark Zuckerberg should resign. Via protocol..

Make waves: “Big Hire, Big Money, DC Blitz: A Bold Plan to Dominate Cryptography.” NYT has more..

Expensive update: Apple’s privacy upgrade cost about $ 10 billion in advertising revenue from Facebook, Twitter, Snap and YouTube. Via insider..

Meh-taverse: “A pioneer of the Metaverse not impressed by Facebook’s rebranding” Reuters report..

Oops: “Facebook has seen a fan page disguised as Elon Musk, but the page is gone. ” Via The Verge..

I don’t want to see you anymore: Epic Games is pulling a plug of two years of experimentation to create a Chinese version of the popular Fortnite game. Protocol report..

996 vs 9 vs 5: “ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is limiting overtime due to a blow to China’s work culture. ” Via Bloomberg..

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Senator looks to crack down on counterfeit e-commerce

Source link Senator looks to crack down on counterfeit e-commerce

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