Senator announces long-awaited antitrust bill

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— Finally here: A few months after the House Judiciary Committee approved the Antimonopoly Act, a group of bipartisan senators submitted the long-awaited companion bill.

— Supply solution: Lawmakers are working on a bill today to strengthen their supply chains and crack down on counterfeit products sold in online marketplaces.

— Transatlantic Meet Up: EU top executives are expected to meet with US counterparts today and Friday to discuss data privacy and consumer protection issues.

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First in MT: Senate submits bipartisan antitrust bill — sense. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) And Chuck grassley (R-Iowa) today announced a bill banning tech giants from supporting their products, which will be officially introduced when the Senate returns to next week’s session.

The bill reflects what the House Judiciary Committee approved this summer, with some important adjustments. In short, the Senate bill allowed only federal and state enforcers to sue Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google for acts that “do seriously harm competition.” Klobuchar, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Law Committee, told MT that these changes “allow companies to improve their products without fear of violating the law.”

Klobuchar said she and Grasley had been working on the bill for months We already have 6 co-sponsors, 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans.Senate Judiciary Chair Dick derbin (D-Ill.), Former Chair Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) and Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), John Kennedy (R-La.), Cory Booker (DN.J.) and Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming). Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s testimony last week helped that.

— Other laws undecided: The House Judiciary Committee package also included a bill requiring Big Tech’s merger ban and platform-to-platform compatibility requirements. Klobuchar said that some of these other house measures are likely to soon get their own Senate buddies. “I don’t think one bill will monopolize the solution,” she said. “This is a complex part of our economy, but privacy and competition laws haven’t been updated since we used the Internet. Our law needs to be consistent with the sophistication of our economy. there is.”

How can the United States become more competitive? — — Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Consumer Protection Committee have convened the Hitachi Legislative Tribunal to consider ways to be more competitive with the US manufacturing industry. Topics to be considered in the 10 bills include supply chain resilience, counterfeit online products, and the impact of tech companies.

— Supply chain issues: Some bills on the agenda will set up offices within the Department of Commerce with the aim of securing the supply chain. One bill approves $ 500 million in supply chain resilience and crisis response offices over six years, another bill 41 billion over six years on financial support programs to enhance supply chain resilience and manufacturing Approve the dollar. The bill’s slate has come as a global semiconductor shortage affecting chips used in everything from the iPhone to the car, and continues to rank manufacturers.

— Online marketplace: Legislators will also consider the INFORMATION Consumer Law, which is the chair of the subcommittee. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) Introduced with ranking members last week Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.). Under this bill, the online platform is responsible for verifying the identities of large numbers of third-party sellers to crack down on counterfeit goods.

“We can’t allow dangerous or stolen products sold in online marketplaces like Amazon to line up in criminal pockets,” Schakowksy said in a statement he prepared. “Consumers deserve to shop with confidence and get what they pay for.”

April, Amazon Said in a blog post The bill, whose version is being considered by the Senate and the state legislature, “supports large retailers at the expense of small businesses selling online, prevents fraud and abuse, and I’m not doing anything to detain the bad guys. I’m responsible. “

— Technical effect: One law requires the Department of Commerce to produce reports on technology startups and how to drive their creation and growth. The other is to ask the department to conduct a survey on the gig economy and how the state and federal governments can support the growth of the gig economy.

EU Privacy Check-in — EU Attorney General Didier Lendels will be in Washington until Friday to meet with FTC Chairman Lina Khan, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and Attorney General Merrick Garland in person.

-Unexpected: Cross-Atlantic dataflow is a hot topic, but don’t hold your breath on the announcement of the new Privacy Shield deal. (EU officials told European colleagues that one may not exist by the end of the year, and negotiating officials have not met as part of this trip.)

Instead, Reynders “consider ongoing negotiations on a successor to the Privacy Shield,” an EU spokesman said about the trip. He also discusses challenges and opportunities to work together on consumer protection and justice issues.

Still a problem: How to transfer data across the Atlantic with appropriate safeguards against US surveillance and meaningful remedies for European citizens. European courts have nullified previous attempts at a cross-Atlantic data privacy framework.

— Other drop-ins: Belgian politicians also attend roundtable meetings with the Information Technology Industry Council, which includes Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and the Atlantic Council, which is funded by many major technology companies. To do.

— Crowd of 3 people: Reynders’ visit follows last week’s meeting with UK Digital Minister Julia Lopez and Chris Hoff, a key figure in the Biden administration’s privacy shield negotiations. During that visit, as Lopez, he discussed the technical issues of “from regulation to data flow.” Said on twitter.. (The UK claims that trading data with the United States is an immediate priority.)

Notice- FTC sent a lot of letters on Wednesday, Warn more than 700 companies on Wednesday For practices that the agency has determined to be unfair or deceptive surrounding fake online reviews — you will be fined if you discover that you have committed a breach. The letter is widely sent to detail what the illegal activity looks like and is not a guilty accusation. (MT “Penalty Violation Authorities” elaborated on what will come last week.. )

— Between recipients: Adobe, Airbnb, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, AT & T, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, Dell, DirecTV, DISH, eBay, Facebook, Fitbit, Google, HP, Hulu, IBM, Lenovo, LG, LinkedIn, Lumen, Lyft, Match Group, Microsoft, Motorola, Netflix, PayPal, Postmates, Ring, Samsung, T-Mobile, Uber, Verizon, WhatsApp, Yelp, YouTube, Zillow.

Washingtonian released 2021 List of the most powerful women in Washington, Lymond, Khan, Amazon Virginia Bonnie When Dean Williams, Facebook Erin Eagan, Clearview AI Jessica Medeiros Garrison, American Economic Liberties Project Sara Miller And the Aretea Group Risaka plan..

Ellie Meyer Return to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to become Chief Technology Officer. She was recently a senior advisor to FTC’s policy-making and chief technology officer, Khan. Meyer was also a technical advisor to Rohit Chopra, an FTC commissioner who then led the CFPB, and launched the White House’s US Digital Service. … Kirsten E. Donaldson I am joining Association of Media in Digital as Vice President of Legal Affairs. She previously belonged to the Donaldson Law Group and is in charge. Hakeem Jeffries (DN.Y.) Alum. … Chris Bedford Currently Chief Communication Officer With Right Forge. He is also a senior editor of the federalist.

Launched by over 40 human rights groups HowToStopFacebook.orgA campaign that uses subpoena authority to investigate companies and ask legislators to enact federal data privacy legislation that is “strong enough to end Facebook’s current business model.”Members are included Fight for the future, Responsible technology, NS Digital Democracy Center When fair play..

Uber Has completed $ 1.1 billion acquisition of alcohol delivery service Drizly.. … Hawaii Affiliated with a non-profit organization Research to improve people’s lives Develop Hawaii Career Acceleration NavigatorA digital hub for connecting unemployment insurance claimants and job seekers to a career path.Supplied by the program, Amazon web services, Will be released in 2022.

Divided house: “Spot-on or unfair? Facebook employees were split by whistleblower Franceshausen’s criticism,” he said. Guardian Report..

Global advantage: Internal documents show that Amazon copied someone else’s product and manipulated search results in India — a practice denied by the company. Reuters has more.. (Anti-Amazon Group Free and Fair Market Initiative, Called by Kahn To find out about company practices. )

What’s next? “Instagram involving moral panic” Via NYT Opinion..

Tightening limit: “Facebook limits internal message boards” Via NYT..

ICYMI: Techbillionaire Peter Thiel supports Donald Trump-approved challenger Liz Cheney (Republican). Alex Isenstadt Report..

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Senator announces long-awaited antitrust bill

Source link Senator announces long-awaited antitrust bill

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