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Washington (AP) — Senate leader and moderate Democratic senator Joe Manchin reached an agreement late Friday over urgent unemployment benefits, stalling the party’s masterpiece, the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill. Defeated a 9-hour log jam.

The compromise, announced by West Virginia lawmakers and Democratic aides, seems to have paved the way for the Senate to begin a series of climax marathon votes that are expected to lead to drastic approval of the bill.

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Washington (AP) —The Democratic Party set aside a battle over raising the minimum wage, but soon another inside as the party tried to temporarily move a $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill in the Senate on Friday. I fell into a battle.

Hours after lawmakers claimed that an agreement had been reached between the party’s moderates and progressives over the renewal of emergency unemployment benefits, Senator Joe Manchin was ready to support the less generous Republican version. He said it seemed to be done. Work on the Senate floor has been suspended for more than eight hours as Democrats sought a way to remedy the unemployment clause.

Manchin is probably the most conservative Democrat in the Chamber of Commerce, the Kingmaker in the 50-50 Senate, and has left the party sparingly to vote. With a slim Democratic majority (they have a house edge of only 10 votes), the party needs his vote, but can’t lean to the center without losing progressive support.

This episode casts new complexity on the Democratic motivation to quickly approve President Joe Biden’s biggest legislative goal, the bailout bill.And they still seemed likely to go through the package, but the problem was emphasized Headaches faced by party leader Over the next two years as they try to move their agenda through Congress with such a narrow margin.

“People in the country are now hurt less than two weeks after strengthening unemployment checks,” Biden said at the White House, noting the end of emergency unemployment benefits on March 14. He called his bill “a lifeline clearly needed to gain an edge” over a pandemic.

Relief lawAims to fight the killer virus and restore the staggered economy to good health, offering direct payments of up to $ 1,400 to most Americans. There is also money for COVID-19 vaccines and tests, support for state and local governments, support for schools and the aviation industry, tax deductions for low-income families and families with children, and health insurance subsidies.

The package faces a solid wall against the GOP, and Republicans have accused Biden of refusing to seek compromise with them, taking advantage of the unemployment impasse.

“You can pick up the phone and finish it right now,” RS.C said. Senator Lindsey Graham spoke of Biden.

The standoff and 11-hour trading host, which Democratic leaders were cutting down with top legislators, reflected the subtle challenge of navigating the volatile chamber of commerce.

The house version of the large relief package will offer an emergency unemployment allowance of $ 400 per week in addition to regular state payments until August.

Senator Democrats said a compromise with moderates revealed earlier Friday would reduce the amount to $ 300 a week, but extend it until early October. The plan, sponsored by Senator Tom Carper, Delaware, will also reduce taxes on unemployment benefits.

Later, lawmakers said Manchin supported an alternative by Senator Rob Portman, Ohio, to offer a weekly $ 300 benefit until mid-July.

“I don’t know where he is,” said Richard Durbin, second leader of the Illinois Senate Democratic Party, on Manchin’s latest stance on unemployment benefits. Asked if the Democrats could simply accept the Republican version, Durbin said: I would like to summarize this. “

It was in favor of the Democratic Party needing to move the overall bailout bill again through the House of Representatives, which has a large number of liberals. It approved the first version of the bill changed by the Senate last weekend.

Manchin has been a leader among moderates trying to keep costs down on bailout bills. Democratic leaders were trying to reach some agreement with Manchin, but his office did not return a request for comment.

“I feel sick with Joe Manchin. I hope the Geneva Treaty applies to him,” South Dakota Senate Republican Party leader John Thune told reporters about pressure on West Virginia. ..

Before the unemployment drama began, Senators cast 58-42 votes to kill their top priority. This is a gradual increase from the current minimum hourly wage of $ 7.25 to $ 15 over five years.

Eight Democrats voted against the proposal, suggesting that Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont, and other progressives who vow to continue their efforts in the coming months will face a difficult battle.

But eight hours after the minimum wage roll call began, it’s still officially done, as all the work in the Senate was done while Democrats struggled to solve the unemployment allowance problem. It wasn’t done.

The next step is primarily a pile of corrections by Republican opponents, destined to fail virtually everything, but designed to force Democrats to vote politically awkward.

Republicans say the overall bill is a liberal spending festival that ignores rising numbers of vaccinations and signs of economic turmoil suggesting that the twin crisis has been mitigated.

“Our country is already ready for a fierce recovery,” said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, citing some unexpectedly strong reports on job creation.

Democrats are rejecting it because of the 10 million jobs the economy lost during the pandemic and many still struggling to buy food and pay rent.

“Looking at the big numbers you say,’Oh, everything is a little better,'” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. “It’s not for the lower half of the United States. Yes. Not. “

With a sign of Biden’s encouragement Poll by Associated Press-National Poll Center NORC It turns out that 70% of Americans, including 44% of notable Republicans, support the pandemic process.

Friday’s gridlock over unemployment benefits wasn’t the first delay. On Thursday, Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, forced a room clerk to read the entire 628-page bailout claim aloud.

The Democratic Party has made many other slow changes to the bill designed to nail support. They ranged from food programs and federal subsidies for unemployed workers to funding for local health care and language, to guaranteeing minimum amounts for smaller states. ..

In another late negotiation that satisfied the moderates, Biden and Senate Democrats agreed on Wednesday to create high-income earners who would be ineligible for direct checks to individuals.

Senate leader Manchin agrees to unemployment allowance for virus bill | Business

Source link Senate leader Manchin agrees to unemployment allowance for virus bill | Business

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