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Good Water Day Morning, Fellow Seekers.

When 4 out of 10 Americans know Being vaccinated with COVID-19 means that you are unlikely to test positive for the virus. These are dangerous times for facts and science.

The US effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic has long been plagued by misunderstandings, myths, and misinformation. More than half (53%) of unvaccinated Americans say they do not plan to vaccinate or take new COVID-19 antivirals. Pills when they are infected with a virus, According to AXIOS / Ipsos poll Released on Tuesday.

But that’s exactly because of these busy times Montgomery County Commissioner Val ArkucheDoctors said she had her own qualifications to win the Democratic nomination in the US Senate.

In conversation with Capital star on Tuesday, Arkoosh Her experience of working with pregnant people, who have the right to abortion across the country, including here in Pennsylvania, says that other candidates in the (very) crowded major areas of democracy do not bring to the table. He said he would give her a perspective.

Arkoosh Repeated her The controversy mentioned earlier Senate needs to embed protection Roe v. Wade Because under federal law, the majority of the conservative US Supreme Court cannot be trusted to protect reproductive rights. She also said she would support a ban on new hydraulic fracturing permits if elected.

The following conversations have been lightly edited for clarity and content.

The COVID-19 vaccine was stored at -80 degrees Celsius on December 18, 2020 at the Roseland Community Hospital pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois. The hospital began distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to workers yesterday. (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)

NS: You focus on your experience as a doctor and public health professional and claim to be the best fit for these times. Why? What can you point out in your background to show that it is a fact?

Arkoosh: I don’t think there was a more important time to elect the first female doctor to the US Senate. Abortion is under attack. Climate change denials are undermining the development of climate change. People have not undermined the science of masks and vaccines. And this helps to delay us getting out of the pandemic.And people are denying that fact President Biden I won the election fair and the square. I can stand up … to all these people. We are in desperate need of that voice in the US Senate.Someone has to go to something like and toes [U.S. Sen.]Rand Paul, R-Ky. [who has been critical of the Biden administration’s pandemic response].. I’ve heard from Pennsylvanians that this is what they need. I have a track record of addressing these issues in Montgomery County. This is an asset of the primary and general elections.

Q: What did you do in Montgomery County to show that it was true?

Arkoosh: Let’s start with the climate: The county is taking very specific steps regarding the climate.We are getting County building electricity from the wind; we have 10,000 acres of farmland are protectedWe are buying Hybrid and electric vehicles.. The work done through COVID is another example. We tried to make the data publicly available in an easy way.we have 82% to 83% of people 5 years or older who received one or both vaccines.

Abortion supporters will be on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, as part of National Foundation Day. Gather at StateCapitol (Capital-Star photo by John L. Micek)

Q: You insisted on codifying the Roe v. Wade case. This produces a great sound bite in the Democratic primary, but given the current Senate practice, it’s almost impossible to get through. Does the Senate need to get rid of filibuster first? Or can those things happen along parallel tracks?

Arkoosh: I sat at the woman’s bedside and made the most difficult decision in my life. I sat down with a woman who knew that the desired pregnancy she had could not survive after childbirth, or that continuing to be pregnant had a fundamental health and life-threatening condition. You may.

in the case of Supreme Court Capsize [Roe v. Wade] … The result will be horrifying. I witnessed what happened in the case of Supreme Court Overturned the almost 50-year-old settlement law, returned to the state, [abortion access will] It depends on the state in which they live, and it is unacceptable.So I was a voice advocate [Women’s Health] Protection lawProtects both pregnant people and healthcare providers.It has Got through the house..And I called on people to call their senators [and tell them to support it].. People want abortion to be safe and legal. All the research I’ve seen has shown that.

[Editor’s note: Nearly six in 10 respondents to a May poll by the Pew Research Center said they believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. The poll also showed deep partisan divisions on the issue.]

I also believe that filibuster has been a tool of filibuster for decades and it’s time to go. If the Pennsylvanian people elect me to the US Senate, I will survive this problem and many other dysfunctions. I support removing filibuster.

Marcellus shale gas drilling site along PA Route 87 in Lycoming County. Nicholas A. Toneri | Flickr Commons

Q: He advocated a ban on hydraulic fracturing and used his knowledge of public health to advocate the issues surrounding climate change. Could you tell us a little bit about the intersection there?

Arkoosh: We all think we need to ban all new hydraulic fracturing permits — we need to suspend all new permits … we need to chase after new solar panel, wind and geothermal manufacturing industries. I have [sources] What you need to achieve [that] future.

You can work people to inspect old well caps and pipelines. We must be honest as the condition of hydraulic fracturing work is gone. I want to aim for that, by 2035 we have stopped all crushing. We need to be proactive about this — because those jobs go to Texas, or even China … it’s the future to come. These are union jobs and you have to bear the cost of training. I don’t want anyone to be kicked by the curb.

Q: That was the subject of much debate. The transition to these jobs only pays the same as what people are leaving and brings the same benefits.

Arkoosh: That’s the point I talked to people [in labor].. The cost of retraining must be covered. You can’t expect people being retrained to work unpaid. We need to ensure that many people in the industry are attracting the right jobs to the state to pay the family maintenance wages they are currently getting. We believe it can be done. You can’t be afraid to have this conversation today. We must be honest about what is coming. Based on my county experience — I understand how long it will take to take the company here and train people. It’s an honest issue of public health and a question of the economic future of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Capitol. (Photo of Capital Star by Kathy Mirror.)

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Senate Hopeful Arkoosh: Fallen Roe Will Have “Terrifying” Results | Wednesday Morning Coffee

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