Senate heads for technology and communications sprint

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— Mad Dash: When Senators return to Washington for a year-end sprint, their to-do list will include key FCC nominations and more. Funding for broadband and antitrust efforts.

— Running: Due to the rise of progressive antitrust law under the Biden administration, prominent antitrust supporters are running for various levels of elected positions.

— App store diplomacy: South Korea was the first country to pass a bill to promote competition in app stores. Now I want other countries to do the same.

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Senate kick into high gear — The Senate is back in session today, and this year’s legislature has about three weeks left. Meanwhile, lawmakers still have technology and telecommunications bills and nomination slate to pass.

This is where we are standing at the right time:

All eyes are paying attention to the Democratic Party Social spending package, Including money for broadband and antitrust enforcement, FTC is the long-awaited clearing house.. Brian Deese, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, showed confidence in ABC’s “this week” on Sunday that house will pass the package this week. If that happens, it still requires Senate approval. May be pushed in December.. (Parliament will be held again next week for Thanksgiving breaks.)

Meanwhile, the Senate may consider the National Defense Authorization Act, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer I told his colleague in a Sunday letter.. (MT I ran down on friday Dozens of tech-related fixes introduced in Mustpass Defense bill.. )

One notable mention: Schumer said a bill passed by the Senate could be added to the NDAA to make the United States more competitive with China. “There seems to be fairly widespread support for doing so,” he said. Schumer is the main sponsor of the bill that boosts domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

— This week’s big hearing: The Senate Trade Commission is holding a confirmation hearing on Wednesday with FCC Chair Jessica Rosenwessel and FTC candidate Alvaro Bedoya. Their nomination is the key to ensuring a democratic majority in the Commission, which allows government agencies to pursue progressive priorities such as net neutrality and enforcement of stricter antitrust laws. can. (Both FCC and FTC hold monthly meetings on Thursday.) The Commission will also vote. Raleigh Locasio Nomination for Director Of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

— Still undecided: Committee It was decided to divide the examination Rosenwessel’s nomination for another term from Biden’s other FCC pick, Gigi Sohn’s Commissioner. You should also consider the nomination of Alan Davidson, who heads the National Telecommunications Information Authority.

Biden’s BIF Moment — President Joe Biden signs today Bipartisan infrastructure bill The parliament passed before leaving for the recess last week — a big win on his domestic policy agenda, which provides a $ 65 billion boost to expand broadband access. Once confirmed, FCC and NTIA candidates play an important role in making broadband investments.

Ballot’s Anti-Monopoly Champion — Biden’s choice for the top antitrust position in Washington has boosted supporters of progressive antitrust aspiring to undertake giant tech companies. Currently, some of them are running for elected positions at the state and federal levels.

–Welcome to the party: Zephyr Teachout, who is seeking a candidacy for the Attorney General of New York, will make an official announcement today about her candidacy. By the New York Times.. She replaced Tish James Who is running for governor After her investigation into sexual harassment claims against Gob at the time. Andrew Cuomo forced him to resign. (Prominent technical critic James urged Congress to pass antitrust laws.)

Teachout, a quasi-law professor at Fordham University who advocates stricter antitrust enforcement, It’s not new to New York politics. She ran for Governor in 2014, House of Representatives in 2016, and State Attorney General in 2018. She won 33% of the votes in the Democratic Governor primary. Currently, her running mate is Tim Wu, a White House competitor.

Teachout has joined the progressive lawyer Morgan Harper. A person running for the Senate seat in Ohio. Harper is responsible for the policy and advocacy of the American Economic Liberties Project, an antitrust group. Testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee In February following a report on competition in the digital market. In June, the duo shared a byline The Nation editorialIn connection with the FTC chair, entitled “Appointing Lina Khan may be the best thing Joe Biden has achieved.”

Backed by a group of progressive activists, Harper challenged lawmakers. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) Last year, because of her solid blue district, which includes most of Columbus, but she lost her primary in less than one-third of the votes. This time, she is running for a vacant seat in the Republican Sen. Rob Portman, Has raised voices on new technology policy issues such as artificial intelligence and deepfake.

However, Harper is not the only one who wants to challenge “Big Tech”. She is running for the same seat as venture capitalist Republican JD Vance Backed by Technology Billionaire, PayPal co-founder and metaboard member Peter Thiel..Vance called for the dissolution of a major tech company, but his qualifications and financial supporters That can complicate that messaging..

— Severe odds: Harper faces the person in charge. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) In the Democratic primary, Ryan was considered an early favorite and approved by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).The leader has united around his candidacy, and Ryan Rejected repeated debate request From Harper.

What’s happening in Seoul — Top critics of Google and Apple app stores I’m gathering in Korea today As a member of the Diet, the so-called “Global Conference for the Fairness of the Mobile Application Ecosystem” will be held. The rally will take place in a global push from lawmakers who say companies over-control their app stores.

— Why Korea? In August, Parliament passed an amendment that would prevent app store operators from forcing local developers to use in-app payment systems. This hits profitable fees. The event will be hosted by South Korean parliamentarian Jo Seoung-lae. Coalition for App Fairness. It counts Epic Games, Match Group, and Spotify as members. K-Internet is an industry group that represents Korean Internet companies.

Joe said in a statement that he hopes the event will help “build a strong global coalition” and encourage the United States and EU member states to follow suit.

— Among attendees: Epic CEO Tim Sweeney went to the event shortly after the judge opposed Apple’s allegations and postponed a decision requiring iPhone makers to allow developers to include in-app links to alternative payment options. join. Sweeney’s company is waging an antitrust war against Apple and Google, stating that the requirements for using an in-app payment system are exclusive. (Both companies have denied the allegations. A judge in Apple’s trial admitted that the company did not violate antitrust law. This is an appealing decision.)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) Will also participate. With Blackburn and Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) And Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) Introduced the Open App Markets Act, S. 2710 (117)In August, you will need to make another payment method and app store available on your smartphone. It also prohibits companies from “unfairly prioritizing” their apps in search rankings. (The bill Since then, we have won four co-sponsors.. )

“It’s not easy,” Blackburn said in today’s speech about driving competition in the App Store. “But the good news is that this issue is uniting policymakers and supporters across political boundaries.”

Other participants include Meghan Di Muzio, Executive Director of the Coalition for App Fairness. French Digital Minister Cedric O. Mark Buse, Head of World Government Relations and Policy for Match Group.

Marianela Lopez-Gardos Participate in Meta and tackle competition policy issues. She was recently a Global Competitive Advisor to the Computer Communications Industry Association. … Ellen Satter White He is currently the US Policy Officer at Patreon. She was previously Vice President of Glen Echo Group. … Josh Blumenfeld Joins Google as YouTube’s Government and Public Policy Manager. He was previously Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Global Policy and Advocacy at Malaria No More.

Robert Caliph Nominated Leads the Food and Drug Administration. He is a senior advisor to Alphabet’s Verily Life Sciences and Google Health.

First in MT: Technology Transformation Services of General Services Administration has announced 14 projects on digital services for citizens that will receive funding from the $ 150 million offered in Biden’s Covid Relief Package. Some of the projects are investments in cloud adoption and reuse. Create a consistent search experience. Rationalization of identity verification. Create a comprehensive design pattern. Re-image USAGov as a gateway to the government. Bridging the gap to Wi-Fi access. Build a talent pipeline for government engineers. See full list

Future tasks: “How does Facebook keep the Metaverse safe for users?” FT details..

Virtual problem: “Racism and other abuses have emerged” like a clockwork “on Facebook’s VR headsets. ” Through information..

Make changes: Information Disability Committee of Aspen Institute Announcement of final report Recommendations for combating false or disinformation, such as increased transparency of content moderation for adjustments in Section 230.

Think first: Advances in neurotechnology have the potential to bring immeasurable benefits. But what can be done to ensure that the technology is being used responsibly? IBM and Future of Privacy Forum investigate this issue..

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Senate heads for technology and communications sprint

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