Senate aspiring lamb brings campaign to WB

Pittsburgh lawmakers want a democratic nod as competition to replace Toomy intensifies

Two days after announcing his candidacy for the Wilkes-Barre-Pennsylvania Senate, Congressman Connorlam brought the campaign to Wyoming Valley on Sunday afternoon.

Representing a suburb of Pittsburgh, 37-year-old Lamb took advantage of the economic similarities between his blue-collar hometown and the coal zone when he met with local Democratic supporters at Bank + Vine in downtown Wilkes-Barre. did. -Commonwealth tour including stops at Erie, Coudersport and Scranton.

“Political and economic democracy is inseparable,” Lamb, D-Mount Lebanon added, incorporating those similarities into his speech to working-class voters, including workers’ rights, voting rights, He emphasized his apparent frustration with the January 6th pro-trump. Riot and its aftermath.

“Fair Labor Law, Bringing Safer Workplaces, Raising Minimum Wages, Establishing Social Security and Medicare, Ending Jim Crow Law and Racism, Ensuring the Right to Vote for Everyone It was a vote of the people who really worked. It was the result of the vote of the people who worked, “Lamb said.

Who is there?

Lamb, who launched the campaign at Union Hall in Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon, is one of the successors to Republican US Senator Pat Toomey and R-Lee High Valley.

With State Senator Sharif Street, D-Philadelphia visiting Hazleton on Friday, he is the second candidate for the increasingly crowded 2022 race to visit Luzerne County so far. Deputy Governor John Fetterman, a Democrat in western Pennsylvania, visited Luzerne County in 2016 when he failed to nominate a Democratic senator, but it’s not yet in this cycle.

Luzerne County Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Bodinsky emphasized that the local party welcomes all Democratic candidates to deliver a message to Luzerne County.

So far, in addition to Ram and Fetterman, the Democratic territories are: Philadelphia Parliamentarian Malcolm Kenyatta made history as the first openly gay black man to be elected to the Legislature. Val Arkoosh, an anesthesiologist, chairs a committee in Montgomery County, a suburb of Philadelphia. Software Executive John McGuigan. Dr. Kevin Baumlin, Chair of Emergency Medicine, Pennsylvania Hospital. Eric Orts, a climate change activist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

AP also reports that Ram has so far been second only to Fetterman in financing.

On the GOP side, AP is running to aggregate a list of applicants, including conservative commentator Kathy Barnette, to become the first Black Republican woman in the Senate. Real estate investor Jeff Baltos, who was a candidate for the Vice-Governor’s party in 2018. Carla Sands, former Danish ambassador to Trump. And Sean Parnell, a friend of Donald Trump Jr., who started his career as a writer after writing a memoir of his mission as an army ranger in Afghanistan.

Lamb was reelected to his house seat last year in a close race with Parnell.

Pennsylvania Republican Chair Lawrence Tabas claims that Lamb (considered a moderate Democrat) has “a reckless track record of putting liberal interests on Pennsylvania.” The AP reported that it responded to participation in the race.

“We are going to organize”

Bodinsky and state parliamentarian Eddie Pasinsky, D-Wilkes-Bar, ram to the crowd, including locally elected officials and Democratic candidates for the Luzern County Council, and voters who quiz Lamb in English and Spanish. Introduced-he replied in both languages ​​— January 6, falsely claiming voter rights, filibuster, infrastructure, and former President Donald Trump’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. On issues such as ongoing efforts by Republicans in the department.

“It’s not the easiest time in our history to step up and do public affairs,” he said three years ago in a special election after defeating a Trump-backed Republican and is now in the Senate on both sides. Lamb, who participates in the crowded area of ​​Congressmen, said the side of the aisle.

“They are still trying to overturn it,” Ram said of Republican efforts to prevent President Joe Biden’s victory. “They make excuses and remain silent about the first attack since the War of 1812, the attack on our Capitol, especially for blacks, browns, and struggling workers. Voting is getting harder. I’m going to vote on the day of the election. “

“The lesson for us is that we have to make more decisions than they do. We are not going to attack the Capitol. We are going to organize and register people (to vote). “He said.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former federal prosecutor Lam has repeatedly supported the bill to protect voting rights, and Biden and the Democratic Party’s COVID-19 relief program will be given to the party in mid-2022. Said to give a strong record to carry out.

He also said he would support the abolition of the Senate filibuster rules.

“For me, it was a committee vote on January 6th that set it aside, at least for basic democratic purposes, when they filibusted the Senate. I said I needed to keep it, “he said. “If the only option out there was to leave it alone or set it aside altogether, we say we’ve set it aside altogether. We’re not getting things done anymore. We just give them a club and beat us. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Senate aspiring lamb brings campaign to WB

Source link Senate aspiring lamb brings campaign to WB

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