“Secret Drug User” Bruce Lee | Celebrity

Bruce Lee was a secret drug user, according to a bomb letter written by a late martial arts star.

Lee died of cerebral edema at the age of 32 in 1973, and a letter to his friend and actor Robert Baker before his death reveals his reported drug addiction.

The letter seems to reveal that Baker supplied Lee with drugs containing cocaine, LSD, and cannabis from 1969 to his premature death.

They were found on the flea market and sold through the Dallas Heritage Auctions, which certified the letters.

A spokesman for Heritage Auctions said: “Bruce Lee is the most influential martial artist of all time and an icon of 20th century pop culture, and these letters show that he kept an explosive secret.”

There are many handwritten letters from Lee to Baker (who died in 1993 at the age of 52) at the auction, some indicating that Lee is seeking a cola that he suggested would help prepare for the next movie.

He writes: “I was thrown stones like hell, but I’m working on the next character … some coke will help …”

In another letter, he wrote questions about “COKE”, “ACID”, “HASH OR GRASS” and “psilocybin”, also known as magic mushrooms.

Orders such as “C”, “Cola”, “Coca-Cola”, “Sacred”, “Super Duper”, “M Pill”, and “H Oil” were repeated for the letters.

Many of the letters used Lee’s personal Jeet Kune Do letterhead stationery, and in 1970 there was a reference to quitting drugs.

Lee mentions his wife Linda and writes: They’re just not on my way to Jeet Kune Do. “

However, when he left the United States and moved to Hong Kong in 1972, he was asked for “advice on the possibility of shipping me coke.”

“Secret Drug User” Bruce Lee | Celebrity

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