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Second Governor Stacey Abrams Bid Sees New Test, Conspiracy | Nationwide

Atlanta (AP) — Stacey Abrams Announcing the long-awaited second run This week for Georgia Governor, but Democrats face a harsh national environment, Republican Governor Brian Kemp Faced with challenges Within his own party, the 2022 campaign will look different from 2018.

The slight loss of Abrams, highlighted by her allegations that Kemp used his previous position as Secretary of State to unfairly drive out voters, was the year Democrats across the country took advantage of the unpopularity of then-President Donald Trump. Driven her to a national star position.

Abrams’ claim that focusing on the registration and mobilization of rare Democratic voters could drag Georgia into the Democratic column is in 2020, when Joe Biden won about 12,000 votes in Georgia. Was verified in 2021, when Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won the final vote. Provide control of the US Senate to the Democratic Party.

However, political trends seem to be against Biden and other Democrats, including polls and polls. Virginia Election Defeat..

“The Democratic environment is disastrous,” said Brian Robinson, who advises Georgian Republican candidates. “These are terribly dynamic for Stacey Abrams and want to be president rather than governor.” If she loses twice, she toasts. She’s gambling — big gambling. “

Georgia voters who may change their minds are mostly college-educated suburban people. However, Democrats claim that most Georgia voters are pinned to party preferences, and it’s important to get your side to vote. Abrams and her supporters argue that outreach and focus on issues are more important than national headwinds.

“In 2020 and 2021, I saw when people were contacted, when we talked to them and when they met them where they were, they voted and they gave results. That would be. ” Abrams told WXIA-TV Thursday..

Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia project, a voter mobilization group founded by Abrams, pointed out the benefits of blacks and more liberal candidates in some local elections in Georgia this year, but in some suburbs of Atlanta. More conservative candidates prevailed. These elections are nonpartisan, but political party affiliations are widely known.

“The truth of the matter,” Ufot said, an election that proved “Virginia is not Georgia.”

In some Democratic cases, Georgia’s population growth is being driven by non-white residents, The tip of the 2020 census that the majority will be non-white.. It’s partly a story of African-American growth, but it’s also driven by the rapid increase in Latin and Asian inhabitants.

“The difference is that Georgia is on a demographic and partisan path. Over the last decade, the state has moved towards the Democratic Party,” Robinson said.

However, Republicans are also trying to maximize their votes, especially among exurb and rural white residents. Andra Gillespie, a political scientist at Emory University, said democracy’s dominance in Georgia is uncertain.

“It’s time for the Republicans to win the elections and the Democrats to win the elections,” she said.

Governor of Georgia’s race is inevitably “nationalized for the polarized moments we are in politics,” Gillespie said.

Abrams wants to put the spotlight on Kemp’s record, claiming that it couldn’t expand Medicaid to increase the number of low-income adults, and opposed the COVID-19 restrictions, making it the largest Georgian. Prove that there is no interest in.

“We have the current governor who has failed the Georgian people. As the pandemic intensifies, he leaves too many communities behind and ignores the real pain that is hurting families and state areas. Seems to be focusing on those who agree with him. ” Abrams told WXIA-TV..

However, Kemp is ready to fight in that position and is confident that his record of COVID-19, low unemployment and significant teacher salary increases will appeal to the voters he needs.

“That’s what we remind people and it’s a record,” Kemp told reporters Thursday.

Unlike 2018, Abrams has not declared opposition and may cruise towards a Democratic nomination in the May primary. But Kemp is besieged by Trump and his supporters, who believe the governor did not do enough to overturn Biden’s 2020 victory in Georgia. Republican Vernon Jones is one of those already challenging Kemp, but he faces a more serious threat that former Republican senator David Perdue may take part in the race.

Kemp and his supporters have revealed that fighting Perdue as needed, and that the bitter Primary could pave the way for Abrams’ victory.

“So anyone who wants to race will have to ask them why, why are they going to do it? Kemp said Thursday.” How great they are in our economy. Don’t you like it? “

Democrats are keen to not be able to injure Trump’s unfounded allegations that Republicans have been fooled by Georgia’s electoral vote.

“I don’t know what will happen to their turmoil, we know our side will be united, and we know it’s important,” said Seth Bringman, an Abrams spokesman.

But for Kemp, Abrams’ entry is an opportunity to bring the Republicans to his side.

“I think this is a rally for the Republicans because we know they are not the Georgian radicals we face,” Kemp said. here. “


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Second Governor Stacey Abrams Bid Sees New Test, Conspiracy | Nationwide

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