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Sean Marks lost the battle before. He admitted defeated by Kyrie Irving’s huge basketball talent and whimsical personality, and when Marks returned to never allowing part-time players, he was all about “culture” and “accountability.” I abandoned the decree.

For reference, this is What Marks said on October 12thThe day when Irving announced that he would not play or practice with Nets until he was vaccinated:

“We do not allow team members to participate part-time. We can continue to build chemistry as a team and stay true to our long-standing values ​​of unity and sacrifice. Essential. The championship goals for this season haven’t changed. To reach these goals, each member of the organization must move in the same direction. “

And on Wednesday, Irving’s free agent looming after three seasons in Brooklyn only strengthened the unreliable reputation of point guards, Marks said this:

“We need someone who wants to be here. It’s selfless and wants to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And here’s a purposeful, endangered goal. Requires availability from everyone. “

Are you familiar?

The optimistic view of Marks’ latest position is that he and his new owner, Joe Tsai, have finally learned their lessons. Catering to Irving has won one playoff series in three years. Injustice head coach ((((Kenny Atkinson), DeAndre Jordan’s Stupid Choice Jarrett AllenDissatisfied all-star (James Harden)Damaged ex-all-star (Ben Simmons) And a huge salary.

It’s time to change our commitment and philosophy.

In his first year at Nets, Irving disappeared, and sources said the team was in the dark about a shoulder injury while seeking a second opinion.After that, he joined the player coalition Boycott the NBA Bubble And I didn’t travel to Orlando.

In his second year with Nets, Irving went to AWOL early in the season and went to AWOL. Re-appeared in party video While violating the NBA’s COVID-19 protocol.

In the third year, Irving refused the vaccine and was unable to participate in home games until April.

He played a total of 103 games in three seasons.

So Marks had the right message on Wednesday with his postseason presser. It was necessary and important to deal with disappointment rather than ignoring questions like President Leon Rose of Knicks.

However, it’s easier to adopt a skeptical view until you’re notified later. Irving is still in full control. He returns to his terms. The internet, for better or for worse, is tied to the age of 30. They don’t have cap space to spend elsewhere. You cannot get the same value by sign and trade. Other than abandoning the plan altogether (Kevin Durant’s windows wouldn’t be wise to stay open), Nets can’t afford to allow Irving to leave as a free agent. They knew his reputation and were willing to accept the risk in the summer of 2019. Now we can only expect Irving to be more reliable, without evidence of the possibility.

Indeed, Marks and Tsai can draw a tough line in the negotiations. They can request incentive contracts based on the games they play. They can hope Irving chooses his player options. But this is the same point guard that sacrificed almost half of last season’s salary to remain unvaccinated. He docked nearly $ 1 million in game salaries the previous season after his hiatus.

Irving has no meaning unless criticized or punished.

Irving in the last 3 weeks I called myself a “martyr” He said he “manages the franchise” at the owner and front office. It is not a sign of humility, regret or introspective change.

At least Marks chose the right subject on Wednesday, rather than blaming something unrelated to mandates or ongoing issues. See if that makes any difference. It wasn’t in October.


Sean Marks chose the right theme to tackle Nets’ next season’s goals – Reading Eagle

Source link Sean Marks chose the right theme to tackle Nets’ next season’s goals – Reading Eagle

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