Sean Clifford Leads 6th Pennsylvania State University Beyond Villanova 38-17 | Sports

State College, Pennsylvania (AP) — Sean Clifford passed four touchdowns and a career-high 401 yards, beating Villanova 38-17 on Saturday at the 6th Pennsylvania State College.

Clifford completed 19 of the 26 passes and found Parker Washington in two TDs, one for Yerkes-Dodson and one for Keandre Lambert Smith. Tyler Warren rushed to the touchdown and Jordan Stout kicked the Nittany Lions (4-0) field goal. The Nittany Lions led 17-3 with eight consecutive victories.

A week after Southeastern Conference’s enemy No. 23 Auburn lasted longer in the front and back slugfests, Pennsylvania State University showed its speed to FCS opponents in the state.

Clifford spy on speed-violating Dodson with a single coverage from Villanova’s cornerback Christian Benford, dropping a 52-yard strike into Dodson’s hand in just three minutes, leading 7-0.

In the second early stage, Wildcats put pressure on Clifford and dropped him into the midfield for the first of the three sack in the afternoon. However, a senior in the fifth year appeared and fired at Washington over the middle in the next play. Washington sliced ​​Villanova’s secondary with a score of 52 yards to 14-3.

Stout added a 29-yard field goal half-time before, but Pennsylvania State University missed an even bigger lead opportunity.

Cornerback Johnny Dixon dropped what might have been a pick 6 in the middle of the first half, and the last two possessions of the Nittany Lions were ruined by holding penalties and sack.

Clifford continued to connect with the receiver for big play in the second half.

Lambert-Smith caught a quick pass and defeated Wildcats with a score of 82 yards in the second play of the third quarter. In the second half of the third, Washington found a hole in coverage and Clifford found him with a 23-yard touchdown pass and a 31-3 lead.

Warren added a 3-yard touchdown run from a direct snap in the fourth quarter.

Villanova quarterback Daniel Smith threw a 57-yard and 17-yard touchdown pass to Lei Jun Pringle for the fourth time.

Scary injury

Villanova’s tight-end Tyler Will suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital after tackling in the second half kick-off.

Will went down immobile for about 5 minutes and moved his hand slightly before being loaded onto the backboard and unloaded from the cart.

Villanova staff reported that Will had been treated for a concussion, but was alert and his limbs were fully moving.

Take away

Villanova: Wildcats need to raise their heads and enter the goodbye week. Their attacks couldn’t hang with more talented opponents, but the defense played tough, driving Pennsylvania State University’s attacks from the best games to multiple new mistakes and scoring well early. I kept it.

Pennsylvania State University: Nitani Lions might have gone out cleaner if they had just taken what Villanova gave them. Clifford frequently opened the first and second reads, but most of the first half seemed to be in go-for-broke mode. This type of play can cost Pennsylvania State University against more intense competition, especially if the running game doesn’t work.


Villa Nova: Visited James Madison on October 9th.

Pennsylvania State University: Hosts Indiana.

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Sean Clifford Leads 6th Pennsylvania State University Beyond Villanova 38-17 | Sports

Source link Sean Clifford Leads 6th Pennsylvania State University Beyond Villanova 38-17 | Sports

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