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In the latest movie showing at the Fernbank Museum, you’ll have the chance to follow the life of a rare Australian sea lion puppy named Otto.

The movie “Sea Lions: Life by Whiskers” is currently being screened at the museum’s four-story giant screen theater. This movie introduces a man who is dedicated to saving Otto and the seeds.

Between the jagged cliffs and the roaring sea, a colony of Australian sea lions lives. In a beautiful as well as harsh environment, movie fans immerse themselves in a classic coming-of-age story guided by one of Australia’s most unique, intelligent and playful animals. You can make an intimate journey in the colony. There, intimacy, tenderness, and clumsiness must often be replaced by a life of great sacrifice and courage.

The film follows Otto, who learns what it means to be a sea lion and witnesses the challenges and hardships of growing in this harsh realm. Not everything is bad in the Great Australian Bight, as Otto made lifelong friends, made unbreakable bonds with his mother, grew up in front of us, and started her own family along the way.

As Otto grows along the southern coastline of Australia, a determined marine biologist, Dark Holman, travels around the world to uncover the secrets to the recovery of Australian sea lions. The film visits a marine mammal rescue team with Hohmann revealing how California sea lion populations are being used along the west coast of the United States to help them fully recover. The method and result he is trying to duplicate in Australia.

The movie is narrated by Sam Neill. The film will run for 25 minutes and will only run on weekends until May 30th. The film will also be featured as part of the summer film schedule and will be released at a later date.

Giant Screen Movie tickets are sold in combination with general admission tickets to Fernbank and can be purchased online. FernbankMuseum.org..

The combination ticket costs $ 6.95 and includes general admission for both members and non-members. Due to the significant reduction in theater capacity to ensure safety, advance ticket purchases are required to ensure availability.

Some tickets may be available at the ticket office, but are not guaranteed.

Sea lion life movie showing at Fernbank | Entertainment News

Source link Sea lion life movie showing at Fernbank | Entertainment News

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