Scents Sations Candle Fundraising for Ukrainian Refugees

WILKES-BARRE — Brings hope to Ukrainians with the “Beacon of Light”.

Robert Scocozzo, CEO of Scent-Sations Inc., said Monday that the company that manufactures MiaBella Candles has devised a new candle that benefits the Ukrainian people.

The new bright yellow candle is called “Hope for Ukraine” and its scent is the sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, which has become a symbol of the resistance of the war-torn country.

According to Scocozzo, the candles will sell for $ 21.95 and $ 5 will be donated to St. John of the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Georgetown as part of a church fundraiser to Ukraine.

“We are doing a lot of fundraising for community groups,” Scocozzo said. “We try to do it once a month. This candle is special and we want to raise a lot of money for Ukraine.”

According to Scocozzo, 750 candles are already on sale and the company is pouring another 1,000 today.

“This new limited edition candle was created to help refugees in the war in Ukraine and symbolizes hope, peace and solidarity,” said Skocozzo.

Sales of new candles currently on sale are being donated to help refugees in western Ukraine associated with the Church of St. John’s Byzantine. Father Mihairo Prodanentz, a priest of the priest, is from western Ukraine. Currently, his mother, sisters, brothers and nephews (all living in Ukrainian villages) currently protect and serve more than 60 people, and donations from the sale of this candle directly to them. Will be sent.

Wilkes-Barre City Councilor Tony Brooks has worked with the Church to raise money for Ukraine. Brooks thanked Scocozzo and his wife, Kathy, and the Miabella family for making new candles.

“Bobby and Kathy Scocozzo symbolize the meaning of coming from a valley with a heart,” Brooks said. “We thank them for their generosity, the church thank them, and the refugees of Western Ukraine thank them.

“We can’t watch TV overnight without being dragged, and it makes us feel like we have to do something.”

Baptized at St. John’s Baptism (the place of worship of his family’s ancestors), Brooks encourages those who have personal connections and can donate to do so.

Scocozzo, long known for his work on various charities, said Scent-Sations has been a Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, and Susan G. Comen for the Over the past decade. He said he had donated tens of thousands of dollars to Cure and dozens of military charities. Their family.

“Our distributors know that donating to many charities in the past has helped us make a difference,” Scocozzo said. “Recently, I started receiving emails and phone calls asking if there were plans to make special candles for the victims of the war in Ukraine. I told them, we swiftly acted on a large scale. I said I would take, and I was convinced that our distributors and our customers would step up to help make a difference. “

This limited edition “Hope for Ukraine” 16 oz. Jar candles feature yellow wax and the Ukrainian national flower, sunflower, as a floral scent. The label is blue and yellow and has a picture of a sunflower.

Buy candles online ( or from one of thousands of independent distributor websites for $ 21.95 plus a flat $ 7.95 (US) shipping regardless of order quantity. I can do it. The proceeds from the sale of each candle will be donated to relief efforts to help those affected.

For more information, please email all inquiries to Bob Scocozzo, CEO of Scent-Sations, Inc. [email protected] — Or call 570-270-9010.

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Ukraine Special Offer — $ 99 / year.

The Times Leader will donate $ 20 from your purchase to assist Ukrainian refugees through St. John of the Baptist Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Wilkes-Barre.

* Monetary donations are sent directly to Father Ján Lemeš, the Byzantine Catholic priest of Slovakia and the Protojerej of the Greek Catholic Church in Kosice.

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Scents Sations Candle Fundraising for Ukrainian Refugees

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