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Saviano, a survivor of priestly abuse, was praised at a funeral for courage | Nationwide

Phil Saviano was a survivor of sexual abuse of the clergy and had the courage to go public and decide to hold the abuser and his enablers accountable to survivors from all over the world, he said. Brothers said at a funeral mass on Friday.

Saviano, Died on Sunday at the age of 69 After the fight against gallbladder cancer remember The St. Dennis Catholic Church in the small town of Douglas, Massachusetts, is the very church where he was 11 years old in the 1960s and was first sexually abused by the now-deceased parish priest.

He “brought hope, dignity, strength, and rebirth to many abused people,” Jim Saviano said in his compliment.

Jim Saviano said he had read hundreds of emails to his brother from people all over the world. Most of them are survivors of abuse, and I am grateful for the guidance and courage to overcome the abuse and lead a productive and enjoyable life.

Jim Saviano said his brother literally saved their lives.

“My brother Phil was a wonderful man whose work saved lives and brought happiness and love to many who knew only despair,” he said. Their parents are responsible and once again making the protection of innocent young children one of their most important priorities. “

The story of Phil Saviano was revealed in the 2015 Academy Award-winning movie “Spotlight” about the Boston Globe’s research. The study revealed how priests molested children and that church leaders concealed abuse and moved the abused priests from parish to parish.

However, Phil Saviano was dismissed as a “conspirator” when he first went to Globe’s reporter with evidence of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, his brother said in his compliment.

A few years later, with the help of Saviano, the 2002 series of gloves on abuse won the Pulitzer Prize for Civil Service in 2003, leading to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, the leader of the Boston Church.

Most would remember Saviano for his efforts to expose the ugly side of the church, but he was much more, and David, a former director of the survivor network of people abused by priests.・ Crohesy said.

Saviano often told Crohesy that he did not want to be remembered as “just a survivor.”

Saviano was “a Renaissance man who knew, appreciated and loved art, gardening, travel, music, writing and everything else.”

This service was led by Rev. Ron Coin, a friend of Saviano and sometimes a candid critic of the Church.

Although the danger of abuse has driven many out of the church, Saviano remained loyal and chose change over abandonment, Coin said.

“Phil’s choice to remain Catholic may not be explained to some, but it is his church and he decides that it will be all that was intended.”

Saviano, Coin, knew that “no religion had captured God, and that the church needs to be held accountable by those who are true disciples of Christ, and he himself in them. I counted myself. “

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Saviano, a survivor of priestly abuse, was praised at a funeral for courage | Nationwide

Source link Saviano, a survivor of priestly abuse, was praised at a funeral for courage | Nationwide

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