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Shippensberg >> From the first play from Line of Scrimmage, where West Chester whistled with a stupid personal foul, the looming fear of going out with yet another mistake began to spread to the WCU football team.

The Golden Rams entered a disastrous first quarter, plunging into an early double-digit deficit and did not recover on Saturday on the way to a 34-18 retreat in Shippensberg. All former Bugaboo WCU head coach Bill Zwan complained that he had returned to the roost. This led to the defeat of PSAC East for the first time in the Rams season.

“It started with the first play of the game,” Zwaan said. “Why does that happen? We talked about it all week long.”

Now in the division 2-1 (4-2 overall), a mistake-prone visitor passed Red Raiders a pair of first half turnovers, leading directly to the first two TDs in the game. And at once, Westchester was pulled within one score only twice, surrendering an explosive TD traveling in the opposite direction at both times.

“I don’t even have a word about how frustrating this is,” said senior linebacker Cole Zapf (Downingtown West). “In many cases, it’s silly to be easily avoided.

“When it looks like we’re back in the game, we suddenly penalize or allow big play. We’re really shooting our feet.”

And in the process, WCU continued a dazzling carousel in quarterback. Three people played on Saturday, and injured starter Shane Dooley didn’t even get dressed. Losing 5-2 in turnover battles in all Rams, Redshirt freshman signaler Deathman Johnson barely completed one-third of the pass and two were intercepted. And two of his backups each failed, with a special team having costly sales for their second consecutive appearance.

“I’m really struggling right now,” admitted Zwaan. “We cannot move forward until we settle in quarterbacks and begin taking care of these mental weaknesses.”

The Raiders (2-1 and 5-1) scored the last 11 points of the game and ended with a 328-yard attack and a minimum of 100 WCU ground attacks of the season.

“Shippensberg beat us, but we were in a lot of bad situations,” said Senior Wideout La Cime James. “And when I’m playing from behind, it’s hard to come back if I make a lot of correctable mistakes. I feel like I’ve beaten myself.”

Rams scored 17-6 in the middle of the third round and appeared to be back in the fight when senior runner Philpokey scored in a 42-yard run. However, after a face mask penalty and two plays, Shippensburg runner Bill Williams climbed 39 yards in the middle to return the deficit to 11.

“I felt like there was momentum. Usually we are good at stopping, but there is one mental mistake and it’s a touchdown,” Zapf complained.

Westchester sliced ​​the margin by hitting the end zone from the yard with 4 downs, while Rams went to 65 yards in 13 plays after Zap registered a key tackle that lost 4 downs with his 32. Five. However, after three plays, the Raiders quarterback Mussina scored a 71-yard scoring strike with tight-end Evan Morrill.

“These last two touchdowns were certainly backbreakers,” Zwaan said.

The last two WCU’s possessions ended with a turnover – fumble by Yamir Wilkerson and interception by Johnson. Just deepen the question mark in the quarterback.

“Of course, if that’s not what you want to do in quarterbacks, this is it,” Zwan said. “We want to settle someone. Today I thought Death did a good job, but he also missed some throws.

“I don’t have an answer yet, but I hope it happens.”

Bad karma began when the Raiders came forward 3-0 early and WCU panther John George couldn’t handle the high snaps.

Rams got a short grace when Pokey returned the next kickoff 62 yards, but the WCU had to settle for Sean Henry’s field goal after dropping a TD pass behind the end zone. bottom.

And with the next possession, quarterback Zach Gilbert cleared football with his first (and only) snap, which Raiders soon cleared with another touchdown and 17-3 at the beginning of the second quarter. Changed to lead.

However, Westchester put together a second half drive and eventually got stuck, setting up boots 35 yards from Henry in the last minute.

“We flipped it twice and did two touchdowns,” Zwaan pointed out. “We continue to work with the harp (to avoid sales), but it doesn’t seem to get any better.”

With an average of 253 yards heading to the ground, Rams averaged only 2.7 yards for each rush attempt.

“We were able to run the ball, but Shippensberg flocked to the run,” Zwan explained. “It forces us to throw and we have to play them.”

Poquie finished 78 yards in 14 tries, but the rest of the team joined in just 6 yards.

“We are surprised that we are suffering from an attack because we have the ability to explode,” said James, who grabbed four catches at 50 yards.

“We had a young quarterback and had some injuries, so I think the problem is more chemical than self-confidence.”

Taylor Jackson took the lead with 10 tackles and added passcuts and fumble recovery. Zapf added 6 stops and lost with a sack and 2 tackles.

“There are so many games in front of us that we have to stay together and keep trying to get better,” Zwan said. “There are many things that can be cleaned up.”

Sales, Mental Mistakes Ruin Shippensburg’s Golden Rum – Daily Local

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