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Russia says the Taliban is in sync with the United States, China and Pakistan | Nationwide

United Nations (AP) —The United States, China, Russia and Pakistan are working together to ensure that the new Taliban rulers in Afghanistan keep their promises, especially forming a truly representative government, with extremism To prevent it from spreading, the Russian Foreign Minister said on Saturday.

Sergey Lavrov said that representatives of Russia, China and Pakistan went to the Katari capital of Doha and then to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to represent the Taliban and the “secular authorities”: former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah. He said he had been banished. Government negotiation council with the Taliban.

Lavrov said the Taliban’s interim government “is in contact and ongoing because it does not reflect the full extent of Afghan society: ethnic, religious and political forces.” rice field.

Tulliburn has more women’s rights, 20 years of post-war stability, and prevented militants from launching attacks on their territory than it did when they last ruled the country from 1996 to 2001. Promised a comprehensive government with a mild form of Islamic governance. However, recent moves suggest that it may return to more oppressive policies, especially for women and girls.

“The most important thing is … to ensure that the promises they have publicly declared are kept,” Lavrov said. “And for us, that is our number one priority.”

Lavrov said at a wide press conference before giving Russia a speech at a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly, issues ranging from efforts by the United States to rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 to Russian mercenaries in Mali. Worked on.

The United States has called on Iran to resume nuclear negotiations, but Lavrov said it was then President Donald Trump who removed the United States from the nuclear deal. Washington. “

He said Russia would like to see the resumption of negotiations to restore the original agreement as soon as possible. However, leaders of the new Iranian government said, “Because of the staff changes, we need at least a few weeks, preferably no more, to bring the negotiation team together.”

Lavrov also defended the decision by Mali’s interim government to hire a Russian private military company to help fight terrorists, saying the Kremlin was not involved.

France has announced that it will reduce its fighting forces against militants in Mali and the region, Lavrov said. And in bitter criticism of their performance, the French troops “should have fought the terrorists who had established their presence in Kidal (northern Mali), but they couldn’t manage it. , Terrorists continue to reign in the area. “


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Russia says the Taliban is in sync with the United States, China and Pakistan | Nationwide

Source link Russia says the Taliban is in sync with the United States, China and Pakistan | Nationwide

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