Russell Crowe’s Father’s Monument to be Held Next Month | Celebrities

A monument to Russell Crowe’s father will be held next month.

Oscar-winning actor’s father, John Alexander Darkrow, died in Coffs Harbor in March, and “gladiator” star took him to Twitter to reveal that his dad’s life was celebrated at the June 5th monument. I made it.

Russell also encouraged his followers to send donations to the Charlie Theo Foundation, which funds research on brain tumors.

He tweeted. “There is a monument to my father Alex Crow on June 5th.

“Instead of flowers, you may want to donate in his name. charlieteofoundation.org.au/donation.. “

After dying at the age of 85 earlier this year, Russell remembered “glittering eyes and cheeky attitude” and lovingly paid tribute to his father on social media.

He said at the time, “I came back to the bush last night. Today the sun is shining and the torrential rains have eased, but this day will be forever sad. My beloved old man, my beautiful dad, most The gentle men have died. “

The 57-year-old star also remembered how his dad impressed people “around the world.”

Russell writes: “I’ll post this because I know there are people all over the world with ribs that tickle with the heart he touched, the glittering eyes and the cheeky attitude towards everyone. This is probably just as efficient. The way to tell the news. “

In another tweet, the “gladiator” star added: “John Alexander Crow March 13, 1936-March 30, 2021. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand. He died in his hometown of Coffs Harbor for the past 25 years. Sleeping peacefully. Please. (Leave the original text) “

Born in New Zealand in 1936, John inspired Russell to enter the film industry.

When Russell was four, the Crow family moved from New Zealand to Sydney. His father and mother, Joselin, pursued a career as a film caterer, and John also worked as a hotel manager.

Russell, with his brother Terry, played his acting role for the first time at the age of six and won a line in the Australian television series Spyforce.

Russell Crowe’s Father’s Monument to be Held Next Month | Celebrities

Source link Russell Crowe’s Father’s Monument to be Held Next Month | Celebrities

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