Running Employment Background Check Protect Your Business

Getting a business up and running is no walk in the park. You have to sacrifice a lot and work almost 60 hours or more a week to ensure success.

Once your startup is doing great, it will need new employees. But it would help if you were careful as your next hire could be the end of your business. Hiring a candidate without vetting puts your business in a precarious position since you give a stranger access to your finances, reputation, and other valuable assets. And employing the wrong person could result in a business collapse.

How can you protect your business? Here is a look at how running a background check on potential employees and help you protect your business.

  1. Protect Your Business Against Untrustworthy Employees

Not all candidates are worthy of trust. Some job candidates lie about their qualifications and education history. By misrepresenting their work experience and skills, you can end up hiring a candidate who is not qualified for the job. It gives you two problems. One, you have an employee who is not able to meet expectations. Two, you have an employee who is not afraid of lying to you.

Screening your applicant’s history ensures the candidate is skilled enough for the job. For example, they show if the applicant has the license or degree needed for the job. In addition, Intercheck background checks confirm the candidate’s work history, ensuring they have the right skills and experience to help your business grow.

  1. Protect Your Business From Risky Hires

Hiring candidates with a criminal history could sometimes become a liability instead of an asset. Your employees and clients need to work in a safe and comfortable environment, and hiring a candidate with a violent past can result in expensive lawsuits. In addition, it gives your business costly expenses that most startups cannot afford.

Background checks show the candidate’s criminal history. By knowing the candidate’s past, you can make a better decision about the way forward. Also, backgrounds checks help prevent negligent hiring claims from causing substantial financial problems.

  1. Shield Your Business From Legal Problems

Certain job positions require thorough vetting than others. As a result, certain industries and job positions legally require specific background checks.

Industries such as transportation, healthcare, daycare, education, and finance legally require specific background checks. These industries deal with sensitive information and the life of people. Giving this much power to a new employee without a background check can be disastrous. If you hire the wrong candidate, your business will have to face legal charges.

For instance, hiring an unqualified doctor with an abusive past can result in a negligent hiring suit and reputation damage.

Performing a background check ensures a candidate is qualified for the job. It also provides legal protection, primarily if the industry is highly regulated.


As a business owner, you need to put a lot of effort into protecting and maintaining your reputation. Protect your business by using Intercheck background checks to verify a candidate is exceptional in real life as they look on paper. If you don’t have a formal hiring process, you can have a professional background check to give you peace of mind.

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