Rungame carries Jets to beat Texans 21-14 on Zach Wilson’s return – Reading Eagle

Houston — That was the definition of Gang Green’s team victory. The offense was balanced, the defense was lit out and the final result was a 21-14 victory over the Houston Texans.

Zach Wilson rushed to touchdown and intercept, ran 145 yards 14 to 24, and spent a pedestrian day on his way back to action.

However, the run game was dominant and launched a 157-yard attack. Jets averaged 4.6 yards per carry, led by Tevin Coleman, who ran 67 yards. Austin Walter recorded a touchdown.

Defense kept the Texas to 202 yards and 14 points. Bryce Hall sealed the victory with a pass breakup on the 4th and 2nd with 2 minutes remaining. The overall difference compared to what defense showed in the previous five games.

It was necessary as the rookie quarterback sprained his knee and shook off the rust from missing four games.

And outside the gate, Wilson had a hard time. He looked jerky in his pocket and was inaccurate with some throws, resulting in the ball skipping on the receiver’s foot.

On his second drive, he mysteriously threw an intercept when he seemed to be scrambling. But just before he crossed the line of scrimmage, he bounced a pass to Ty Johnson, who hadn’t seen it, and it bounced off Johnson’s back, and Tabier Thomas intercepted the pass.

At that point, Wilson was 1 to 6 at 11 yards at the intercept. And the completed pass was a push pass behind the line of scrimmage to Elijamour in the Jet Sweep.

Obvious as a day, the second overall pick was rusty.

After five plays, Tyrod Taylor threw a touchdown pass to the tight-end Brevin Jordan, with the Texans leading 7-3 at the beginning of the second quarter.

The offense was spattered, the defense allowed another touchdown, and Gang Green dragged 14-3.

But just before the end of the first half, Wilson settled down.

He went 5 to 6 at 33 yards. It’s not a spectacular statistical line. However, he converted 3rd and 9th to Ryan Griffin, kept the drive alive, and Walter recorded a touchdown. Jets pulled by two people within 14-11.

In the second half, Wilson was much better. In the third quarter, his first pass was a rifle to Moore to get a 22-yard gain on Karl Ruth, which helped Wilson to be comfortable.

The drive ended with Wilson’s hasty touchdown, with Jets leading 18-14. Wilson finished the quarter at 81 yards. Not exactly igniting the world, but he doubled the first half of the yard and got into the rhythm.

Jets’ attack splattered for the fourth time, but he was able to score a field goal and the defense defeated the Texans.

The hype surrounding Wilson’s return was run games and defense. Currently, the jet is 3-8 and will be back home to play the Eagles next Sunday.

Rungame carries Jets to beat Texans 21-14 on Zach Wilson’s return – Reading Eagle

Source link Rungame carries Jets to beat Texans 21-14 on Zach Wilson’s return – Reading Eagle

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