Run Heavy Eagles could be a jet redo after the Colts disaster – Reading Eagle

Jets hopes that the terrible experience of Thursday Night Football last month will benefit them against Sunday’s Eagles.

At 45-30 Loss to Colts, Jet allowed Indy to run wild up to 260 yards of songs. The running back ran 7 yards per carry, so the jersey was barely dirty. Previous contact.

Jets now gets a redo. I agree.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was the attack coordinator of Indianapolis under Frank Reich from 2018 to 2020, and Like was the attack coordinator of Philadelphia from 2016 to 2017.

Jeff Ulbrich, Jets’ defense coordinator, warned the defense about the coach tree on Wednesday and educated them on what to expect.

“The first meeting we had was’Ferrus, this coaching family is from India Napolis’. They share game plan ideas,” said Ulbrich. “They share their success and eventually go back and look at the tape to see what went well.”

The Eagles are rushing an average of 158 yards per game, using the same running scheme as Colts. They have rolled over the last three games and the NFL is the best 222 yards per game.

And that’s the weakest part of Jets’ defense: stop running.

The Jets are one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. They allow 128.7 yards on the ground. This is the 27th worst. In 9 of the 11 games, the unit allowed a rush of over 100 yards.

Ulbrich calls his performance against Indianapolis “embarrassing” and believes that jets will “come” and enjoys the opportunity to start over with similar schemes.

“Obviously a swift challenge in terms of not being able to defend it well would be such a big challenge,” Ulbrich said. “But at the same time, to prove to the fans, but perhaps more importantly, that it was a fluke. It’s not who we are.”

Due to the similarities between Colts and the Eagles, Robert Surrey does not consider it a redone.

“Every week is a redemption week in the sense that you prove you’re in this league, and this week is no exception,” Sale said. “Philadelphia is a very powerful attack, a very powerful running game and will be a huge challenge.”

The Jets defensive line must win the trench battle with the Offensive line that drives the Eagles dominant run game. It is led by three all-pro center Jason Kelce, three pro bowl right tackle Lane Johnson, and emerging star left tackle Jordan Myrata.

The Fororun Sofa Tukashi has 11 orchids, the second most common interior lineman. Quinnen Williams played like a Pro Bowler this season, with 33 run stops, eight of which are the most.

Jets may not have Sheldon Rankins, but he’s dealing with a knee injury. Sale said on Friday “it doesn’t look good” because of Rankins’ chance on Sunday. It’s a blow, but Saleh believes that Round 6 Pick Jonathan Marshall can step up and fill the void.

If Jets wins the trench, linebackers CJ Mosley and Quincy Williams can break into the running lane and limit the run game.

“For us, we have to do a great job of preventing vertical separation in defense,” Mosley said. “That’s what hurt us a lot in indie games. Since then, especially in run games, we’ve felt we’ve grown and much better.”

Saleh may not consider this opportunity to be redone, but Jets cannot recreate what happened at TNF on Sunday.

Run Heavy Eagles could be a jet redo after the Colts disaster – Reading Eagle

Source link Run Heavy Eagles could be a jet redo after the Colts disaster – Reading Eagle

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