Royals defeated Worcester Railers to take first place

Leading Royals defeated Worcester Railers 6-3 in an ECHL game on Friday night at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, scoring five goals in the last two periods.

Thomas Ebbing scored two goals for the Royals, who had risen to number one in the North Division. Newfoundland is back one point second, but has played four less games.

Anthony Ganyon started scoring during the first period of the Royals. Worcester replied later in the period with a goal from Charlie Spets.

When Cole Koski defeated goalkeeper Kirill Ustimenko on a penalty shot, the Railers were second to 2-1.

Reading regained the lead in the 4th minute with goals from Brad Morrison and Kenny Howzinger. The first goal of Ebbing’s night was 4-2 in the second half of the second.

Worcester cut 4-3 with a Brent board-in goal early in the third.

Reading got rid of it in the middle of a period when Ebbing received a cross-ice pass from Morrison in a slot and defeated Ken Appleby in one time. This is Ebbing’s fourth multi-goal game in ECHL career.

Bradenlow scored a leading empty net goal.

Reading won four out of five games against Worcester this season.

The Royals will board the Railers again at the DCU Center on Saturday at 7:05 pm.

Royals defeated Worcester Railers to take first place

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