Ross Township Sergeant Removes Illegal Proceedings

Pittsburgh (KDKA) — Ross Township’s police sergeant, who has removed the illegal activity, has filed a proceeding against Township and the police union.

Sergeant Joseph Serowick was accused of showing an inappropriate video of the child to officers who were not part of the investigation.

Another officer said what he did could be a crime, but Serowick was never charged. He said his personality and reputation had been destroyed.


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“Angry and frustrated with what they did to me,” Serowick said.

“It’s a rough idea, especially when you think fellow executives are supposed to back up each other,” he added. “What makes me do this is to hurt people.”

The 18-year-old veteran began all at a roll call on the morning of January 26, when he discussed with other officers an investigation that documented a boy at North Hills High School committing sexual activity and sending it to another student. Said that.

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Ross Township Police Sergeant sues township, union


Serowick then took out his personal phone and showed the video to other officers. The policeman told the chief that what he did could be a crime.

“I’m trying to understand why they do this,” Serowick said.

He was never charged with a crime, but his name was generally leaked.

An internal investigation with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office revealed that he was free of fraud and was determined not to violate the law.

He feels the damage has already happened.

“My name is dragged into the mud,” Serowick said.

His lawyer, who has not yet filed a complaint, said they were seeking damages.

“This good and decent police officer was in the hands of his police union,” said lawyer Bill Labobitz. “This is the emotional harm that this has caused to him, counseling, treatment, the medicine he is taking.”

Since mid-February, the sergeant has been taking advantage of his illness and will return to work on June 1.

“These were all accusations made to make me look bad, and I didn’t do anything wrong,” Serowick said. “Hopefully the community knows that.”

KDKA-TV contacted a lawyer in the town and said he would not comment on the proceedings in dispute. The lawyer of the police union did not return the KDKA-TV phone.

Ross Township Sergeant Removes Illegal Proceedings

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