Rose Williams felt “presence” in a hospital abandoned for power | Movie

Rose Williams felt “presence” in an abandoned mental hospital where she filmed “Power.”

The 27-year-old actress, who plays the trainee nurse Val in the next horror thriller written and directed by Corina Faith, admitted that there was an eerie moment during the shoot, adding to the anxiety of the place.

She told the collider: “There was a generator failure when we were filming on that side. This happened in the movie story, and the backup generator also failed.

“And an electrician came out and they said,” We don’t understand what went wrong here. It doesn’t make sense why they broke. “

“I feel like there was energy about it, which potentially affects the process.”

This was the second half of the shoot, and Williams admitted that he also felt the space cool.

She added: “In the second half of the shoot, I shot it on the other side of the hospital, where the temperature actually dropped.

“When I talk about a haunted house, I hear it, but the temperature literally dropped and I felt a little cold.

“I definitely felt more presence on that side of the hospital, and it echoed throughout the crew.”

Even from the first moment she stepped into the building, she felt something different about temperature, emotions, and energy.

She explained: “When I talk about it, the most important thing for me is to respect all the souls that pass through the space, and to all the patients who spend their time there and the people who work there.

“I enjoy ghost stories and learning about the supernatural, but I take it very seriously because I think and feel those who have lost her life or psychologically lost herself. I am.

“That’s what I have incredible empathy for.”

Rose Williams felt “presence” in a hospital abandoned for power | Movie

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