Robbie Williams shave his son | Celebrity

Robbie Williams shaved his son’s hair.

The “Angel” hitmaker styled Mohawk last week to hide his bald patch, and eye-catching his 6-year-old son Charlie he has with his wife. The new look seems to have been scraped off Ayda Field, he asked him to give him the same haircut.

Using her Instagram account, 42-year-old Ayda uploaded a video of Robbie holding scissors and Charlie in front of him crazy about the video.

She said: “So what’s going on with your dad?”

Robbie replied: “Charlie wants a mohawk.”

Aida said: “Do you mean like a dad? So are you doing a mohawk?”

When Robbie brought the Clippers to Charlie’s head, Aida shouted: can not see! “

She captioned the clip: “Charlie wants to be like daddy #likefatherlikeson #barbershop #dadlife AWxx @robbiewilliams (sic)”

The 47-year-old singer previously revealed his own hairless look when he unleashed his wife at the Clippers last month.

With a caption on the video at the time, she wrote:

In the clip, a couple with Teddy, 8 years old, Coco, 2 years old, and 18 months old Bo’s kid took a “front” photo before tackling a long rock before shaving with a clipper. .. His head. She blew his hair a little into his face, praising her convenient work.

Robbie Williams shave his son | Celebrity

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