Rite Aid Opens New Style Company Headquarters in Philadelphia | Local News

Rite Aid has opened a new type of headquarters in the Navy Yards of South Philadelphia. Hayward Donigan, CEO of a company called the Collaboration Center, describes it as an incubator designed to attract a wider variety of employees to the company.

“If we couldn’t hire people who were geographically diverse as well as race and gender, we wouldn’t be able to hire the people we needed, even in Camphill and Pennsylvania,” Donigan said. “They were supposed to be all over the country and, in some cases, all over the world.”

This facility has all the facilities you would expect from a modern company that wants to attract new hires.

“It’s a conference room with a variety of sizes, shapes, communal environments, in-house digital and video studios, and a genius bar for IT services,” said Donigan. “Our employees can enjoy all the modern features and facilities such as catering kitchens, business centers, nursing, prayer and meditation breaks.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he was happy to welcome the city to the headquarters of another major company.

“It’s really great to see dynamic and important companies like Rite Aid choosing to come to Philadelphia,” Kenny said. “They aren’t stuck here. They aren’t making the living choice of coming to this city and investing their hard-earned money in investing in a company in this city. “

Donigan said he had looked at many other places in the facility but fell in love with the Navy Yard.

Rite Aid is more than just a pharmacy chain. The company recorded $ 23 billion in revenue last year, of which more than 200 retail pharmacies are located in the region.

The company is also the 14th largest specialty pharmacy distributor, operating a pharmacy service company called Elixir and Bartell Drugs, a drugstore chain in the Seattle area.

The Navy Yard was once a base for shipbuilding and overhaul, but has been rethought as a high-tech hub in the city. Future plans call for the development of retail and homeownership opportunities in new neighborhoods along the riverfront portion of the footprint.

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Rite Aid Opens New Style Company Headquarters in Philadelphia | Local News

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