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Rising Rocker Dirty Honey Hit BB & T Pavilion and New Album Release [Seven in Seven] – Daily Local

Welcome to Seven in Seven. Here we usually see shows that will be held in the area every week and next week. And because of the current pandemic, they aren’t completely yet, while the venue doors are slowly opening again. That doesn’t mean the music will stop, and there are new releases every week from artists you know and love and artists waiting to be discovered. Every week, we’ll take a look at some of the region’s most popular shelves and streaming services, as well as some of the shows you can’t miss.

Whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R & B, singer-songwriter or indie, there’s always something to check. The contents of the docket for the week of September 24 are as follows.

This week’s show

Dirty Honey — BB & T Pavilion — September 23rd and 25th

WMMR’s Anauru MMR * B * Q has added Jane’s Addiction, Cheap Trick and The Offspring as part of its nighttime headliner this year. But for the general admission part of the day, what we’re most excited about is the Los Angeles-based quartet Dirty Honey, which exploded in early 2019 with its debut single, When I’m Gone. Since then, they have taken on the opening missions of legendary performances such as The Who and Guns N’Roses, and are now opening the reunited Black Crowes, which surprises the audience with a fierce live show. .. Their latest single, The Wire, sounds fresh with just the right rock’n’roll blend of 70’s bottom end and 80’s brushness, providing shots for the genre you need. And as for Crows, you can also see the show at the BB & T Pavilion on Thursday, two days before MMR * B * Q. This doubles your chances of seeing a dirty honey and gives you zero reason to miss a dirty honey before you quickly exceed your support act status.

New release

Connell’s — “Steedman’s Wake”

Raleigh-based alternative rock band Connells is back with a 20-year hiatus with the release of “Steadman’s Wake.” Twenty years after the last recording, the group never stopped playing and Mike Connell didn’t stop writing songs. The new LP includes eight new songs and three re-recorded versions of the previously released demo that first appeared in 2001’s “Old-School Dropouts.” The band’s first album from 2002 to 2012, featuring two latest members, guitarist Mike Ayers and drummer Rob Ladd, respectively, and Mike Connell’s first album to play an important role as a vocalist. is.

Des Rocs — “A real good person in a really bad place”

DesRocs’ self-recorded “real good guy in a real bad place” shows that he is in his own league. The album is bold and engrossing, using rock, punk and electronic music to create a deep, intimate and profound “bedroom arena rock” sound. The lead single “MMC” will change from ferocious to playful and come back again, countering all fake and manufactured ones. The video shows the character’s quest for a brutal identity and a side-by-side performance that bends the thrilling genre.

Various artists — “I will be your mirror”

In “I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground & Nico”, REM’s Michael Stipe, National’s Matt Berninger, Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, Andrew Bird, St. Features contributions from Vincent & Thomas Bartlett, Fontaines DC and Iggy. Pop & Matt Sweeney and many more. The release of a track-by-track tribute to the highly influential band’s original debut album marks the kick-off of a powerful campaign for the 2021 Velvet Underground activity. The tribute album was invented in 2017 at the same time that Todd Haynes signed the director. The Velvet Underground was the long-awaited film that premiered, acclaimed and released next month at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. is.

Ada Lea — “Grip the handle with one hand and sew the garden with the other”

Aderley of Montreal (Monica of Alexandra Levi) is a follow-up to her latest LP, “Grip the handle with one hand and sew the garden with the other,” and follow up on her 2019 debut, “We’re Private.” “What to say in” is provided. This album, on the one hand, is a collection of cathartic pop / folk songs at a walking pace, and on the other hand, a book of back-to-back stories that twists the heart of urban life. The album is set in Montreal, and each song is a dot on a personal historical map of the city where Levi grew up. The city exists as both the location and character of many trucks.

School of X — “Dancing in the Void”

Danish multi-instrumentalist Rasmus Ritauer is taking his steps under Monica’s School of X, focusing on his honest expression and at the same time expanding in all directions. In “Dancing Through the Void,” Ritauer steps into areas such as hip-hop, experimental, and singer-songwriter, featuring ambitious and timeless indie pop sounds. Rather than a diverse collection of indie pop songwriting, LP is also a message to build confidence, and Ritauer is taking a walk.

Michael Seyer — “A Good Fool”

Michael Seyer’s “A Good Fool” is the most intimate music he has ever made. An album full of warm and quiet tones that makes you feel like you’re sitting next to him in his home recording studio. The LP was written and recorded throughout 2020, as the story of many other artists continues, but the recording did not begin until the end of the year. The tone from the singer-songwriter becomes clear throughout the 11-track, 38-minute project. In the process of the album, Sayer is passionate about providing his voice on some heavy topics such as race, sexuality and mental health, not afraid to face them head-on.

Volume check

• Dirty Honey, “The Wire” • Connells, “Really Great” • Delox, “MMC” • Matt Burninger, “I’m Waiting for a Man” • Adary, “Damn” • School of X, “Bag of Bones” • Michael Sayer, “Little China Boy”

Rising Rocker Dirty Honey Hit BB & T Pavilion and New Album Release [Seven in Seven] – Daily Local

Source link Rising Rocker Dirty Honey Hit BB & T Pavilion and New Album Release [Seven in Seven] – Daily Local

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