Riley Keough is “weakened” by sadness | Entertainment News

Riley Keough “couldn’t get out of bed” for several months after his brother died.

The 32-year-old actress admitted that she was “totally debilitated” after Benjamin Keef died in July 2020 at the age of 27, and she worked mostly for some time after his death. I couldn’t.

She told The New York Times:[It’s been] A year like being thrown into the sea and unable to swim.

“I couldn’t get out of bed for the first four or five months. I was completely debilitated. I couldn’t speak for two weeks.”

The “Zora” star is still struggling to handle the death of her brother because it was such a “ridiculous” event.

She explained: “It’s ridiculous, so it’s very complicated for our minds to put it somewhere.

“If I’m experiencing farewell, I know in my mind what to do with it and where to submit it, but your brother’s suicide? Where do you put it? How does it integrate? It’s just not. “”

Riley has sought help from her friends and family, including her husband Ben Smith Petersen.

“I wanted to make sure I felt everything and didn’t run away from anything,” she said.

The “Runaways” star reveals that she trained as a death doula earlier this year and her sadness knowing that she can reach out to help others in a similar position. I admitted that it was useful for me.

“It really helped me. I was able to put myself in a position of service. If I could help others, I might be able to find a way to help myself.” It was.

Riley recently admitted that she still has “hard days” because she is sad for her brother, but she is doing her best to live at that moment and appreciate the good things in life.

She states: “I’m really consciously trying to exist, using nothing for any kind of escape, and recognizing when I’m doing it.

“I am generally grateful for everything at this point, acting with love, keeping my heart open, and trying to give and receive love.

“And I’m definitely having a hard time and having all sorts of pain and suffering, so it’s not Wu’s way.

“But when I realized that it was part of it and your expectations weren’t just joyful, I think it was a real change to finding those moments and smiles for me.”

Riley Keough is “weakened” by sadness | Entertainment News

Source link Riley Keough is “weakened” by sadness | Entertainment News

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