Right-wing groups pressure countries to pass pro-Israel resolutions | Alec (American Legislative Exchange Council)

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a powerful right-wing lobby group, is working out a pledge of unconditional support for Israel’s attack on Gaza by state legislatures across the United States.

Alec is promoting model resolution It expressed “support for Israel’s right to pursue the elimination of Hamas without interference or condemnation.” This version has been approved by the legislatures of at least eight states, including Pennsylvania, Nebraska and North Dakota.

The resolution adopts Israel’s arguments as follows: Hamas It accused Iran of providing logistical support to the group, using “civilians as human shields.”

Some state legislatures have also condemned Israel’s call for a cease-fire over its attacks on Iran. GazaThe Ministry of Health announced that more than 11,000 Palestinians were killed, two-thirds of them women and children.

Although state legislatures have limited direct influence over Washington’s policy toward Israel, Alec and his allies have long used political pressure by pushing local bills and resolutions in support of the Jewish state. He has contributed to mobilization. They include laws that prevent to punish Support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

Mr. Alec, who is backed by corporations but has deep ties to Christian evangelicals who strongly support Israel, pushed a model resolution through the state Legislature after an emergency meeting two weeks ago.copy of agenda Documents obtained by the Center for Media Democracy show that the claims of support for Israel were made by Rabbi Arieh Lightstone, who is close to the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has offered Lightstone a leading role in the 2021 election campaign. according to Orthodox Rabbi David Friedman wrote for the Times of Israel after working in the Trump administration as a senior aide to the U.S. ambassador to Jerusalem.

Others who spoke at Alec’s meeting included Texas Sen. Phil King, a member of the group’s board of directors.he was the lead sponsor of invoice The bill supporting Israel’s attack on Gaza was passed by the Texas Senate two days after Hamas killed about 1,200 people and abducted more than 200 in an Oct. 7 cross-border attack.

The resolution accused Hamas of using a human shield and said Israel had “the right to pursue Hamas’s elimination without obstruction or censure.”

King said the Texas bill served as the basis for Alec’s model resolutions for other states.

“Mr. Alec encouraged other state legislatures to adopt similar resolutions condemning Hamas’ attacks on Israel and supporting Israel’s right to exclude Hamas.” he wrote.

Dr. King has been at the forefront of pushing for other pro-Israel bills in Texas. He co-authored legislation banning boycotts of Israel and was instrumental in making Texas the first state to establish a commission to oversee enforcement of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s controversial definition of anti-Semitism. did. Critics argue that this definition has sometimes been used to silence criticism of anti-Semitism. Jewish state.

Mr. King also helped strengthen ties between Israel and a Texas energy company and has visited Jewish settlements in occupied territory.

Kara Jones, senior director of Alec’s International Relations Task Force, said: Said A St. Louis radio program about Hamas attacks galvanized support for Israel.

“This was one of the most energizing issues I have ever seen. At Alec, we invoked what is called an emergency clause to expedite consideration of a model policy in 10 days. “We have already adopted a model policy, which was unanimously adopted by both public and private sector members of our task force,” she said.

Alec CEO Lisa Nelson sent an email to supporters last week saying the group “has been supporting the people of Israel for many years” and urged Americans to pressure state lawmakers to pass the resolution. I called on them to call. She listed states that have adopted some form of Alec’s model expression.

“Even if your state isn’t on that list, it should be,” she wrote.

Alec’s national speaker, Florida House Speaker Daniel Perez, said: Said The Christian talk radio station reports that the state legislature will convene a special session to consider a pro-Israel resolution that says the Jewish state has the right to defend itself “by eliminating Hamas without a ceasefire or moratorium.” I asked for something.

nebraska state legislature adopted Alec spoke about Hamas’ use of Palestinians as human shields and expressed unconditional support for Israel’s attack on Gaza.

north dakota passed the resolution He said Hamas apparently “receives support and funding from a foreign state sponsor of terrorism, namely Iran.” He also said Israel has the right to pursue its war objectives in Gaza “without interference or condemnation.”

In Pennsylvania, a version sponsored by politicians with ties to Alec said: “Israel has every right to defend itself with legitimate and overwhelming force.”a solution Supported by one-third of Wyoming’s state legislature, it opposes calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying Israel is fighting a “battle between good and evil.”

Last year, Alec pushed a variation of an old resolution passed in several states. It contains The statement that “Israel is neither an aggressive force nor an occupier of other people’s land” appears to support the Israeli right’s argument that Palestinian land belongs to the Jewish state.

An earlier version of the same resolution explicitly supported “the establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people in the historic areas of the Land of Israel,” including the occupied West Bank.

Alec takes the lead drafting a law It was adopted in more than 30 states to block support for the BDS movement. The group also limit criticism of Israel on American college campuses in the name of combating anti-Semitism.

Israeli officials, including diplomats and leaders of groups representing Jewish settlers in the West Bank, have attended Alec’s meetings in the past.

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