Restoration of Pennsylvania election integrity.

In just a few weeks after the primary elections, Pennsylvania voters select candidates for the US Senate that may determine the power balance of the constituency. For the first time since 1958, voters simultaneously select candidates for the governor’s vacant seats. This arises while concerns about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election are protracted, as the November ballots of this year could be jeopardized as well.

The Left, along with the colluding legacy media, arrogantly dismisses these concerns as a “big lie,” but their efforts in cover-ups have failed to mitigate the fear of permeating a significant extent of voters. .. Winners of legitimate elections are expected to take all possible steps to verify their victory. Opposition arose in the aftermath of the 2020 elections, Democrats fought to thwart all efforts to ensure that ballots were counted fairly, and legacy media showed people seeking clarity.

The annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference was the largest annual gathering of conservative activists in Pennsylvania, and this year’s event was no exception. A large crowd rushed to the Pen Harris Hotel on the outskirts of Harrisburg for a two-day program that included a forum attended by all nine Governor candidates and six of the seven US Senate candidates. rice field.

The Straw poll asked attendees what they think of as the most important issue facing Pennsylvania lawmakers. The overwhelming 61% cited the integrity of the election. Eighty-six percent of attendees support automatic audits of all elections, regardless of outcome. The pre-meeting Pennsylvania Election Integrity Summit, hosted by the Conservative Partnership Institute, captivated a standing-only crowd who spent the day learning how to ensure that future elections were fair.

The Legacy Media Left and its apologies are missing something important. This is not to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, but to ensure that future elections are held in such a way that all voters are confident in the effectiveness of the ballot. Obviously, a wide range of voters now lack that confidence.

This is not about ballot box stuffing or voting machine software Chicanny. Here in Pennsylvania, the destruction of voters’ confidence in election fairness could be at the feet of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, providing clear and consistent rules for the Wolf administration to conduct elections. I didn’t.

Pennsylvania is currently governed by the State Supreme Court of Activists, which is governed by a democratic judge who has done everything possible to tilt the 2020 stadium to Joe Biden. Tens of thousands of voters were redirected to the Democratic line by a single ruling to remove the Greens presidential candidate from the ballot.

Consider that the Greens’ candidate Treasurer was allowed to stay on the ballot and won 81,981 votes. The party’s auditor candidate received 78,588 votes. Joe Biden endorsed Pennsylvania with 80,555 votes. It is safe to assume that those Greens voters who lack their own candidates ended up in Biden’s line.

Parliamentary authority to enact election legislation by the High Court by allowing the Elections Bureau to extend the time it receives ballots, count ballots without time stamps, and allow the use of unsecured drop boxes. Unconstitutional abuse caused confusion in the elections. The turmoil was exacerbated by the inconsistent application of rules between counties by the State Department, even allowing left-wing private funders to contribute to the election bureaus of democratic counties.

Despite the legislative Republican efforts, virtually nothing has changed over the past year to give voters confidence in this year’s elections. The House State Government Committee, chaired by Congressman Sethgrove, held numerous hearings and drafted an election reform bill. The bill was rejected by Governor Tom Wolfe, who opposed including the requirement for voters’ photo ID. The reform poll show is endorsed by the overwhelming majority of voters from both parties.

Wolf has sent various cues in relation to what he thinks is acceptable and refused to negotiate with lawmakers in good faith efforts to develop acceptable reform measures. The legislature is currently working on a series of single-issue bills, including the outlawing of drop boxes, in the hope of enacting some reforms.

In a constitutional republic like us, it is imperative that voters be confident in the integrity of our elections. The lack of self-confidence was clear, and it was time to stop dispelling those concerns under the proverbial rug and take the necessary steps to reform the system.

Roman S. Henry is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lincoln Institute and hosts the weekly American Radio Journal and Lincoln Radio Journal. His email address is

Restoration of Pennsylvania election integrity.

Source link Restoration of Pennsylvania election integrity.

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