Researchers say YouTube has a “disinformation problem”

With the help of Mark Scott, Eleanor Mueller, Emily Birnbaum and Daniel Lippman

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— YouTube lies: More than 80 fact-checking groups have accused popular video platforms of repeatedly failing to remove disinformation. They say this is a global issue.

— First in MT: The group wants comprehensive technical regulations: Civil rights groups want Congress to consider the implications of legislation regulating emerging technologies on people left out of society.

— Amazon Redo: Amazon workers will get a second shot to form a union after the National Labor Relations Commission has announced that it will vote in February.

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When Tuesday newsletter item updates: The Senate Judiciary Committee has announced that the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (American Innovation and Choice Online Act) is a major technology antitrust bill.S. 2992), Until late January (probably around January 27), a committee aide told POLITICO, even though the bill was on the agenda of the committee meeting this Thursday.

Hot sheet YOUTUBE— YouTube has repeatedly failed to act on disinformation, spreading content promoting Covid-19 conspiracy theories, malicious language, and election-related falsehoods around the world. This is a conclusion from 85 fact check groups. Open letter On Wednesday, to Susan Wojcski, YouTube’s CEO.

“This is a global issue. Baybars Orsek, director of the International Fact-Checking Network, the group that organized the open letter, told MT.” This letter recognizes that YouTube has a disinformation problem. It’s an effort to enable it. ”The Fact Check Group (an organization in Europe, Asia and the Americas) has asked Google-owned video streaming services to be more transparent about their disinformation efforts. rice field. Label more blamed videos with a disclaimer. Expand your work in languages ​​other than English.

— So what’s happening over the net? According to the Fact Check Group, everything from Arabic and Greek Covid conspiracy videos to hate speech in Brazil. “We talk a lot about Facebook and Instagram, but we hope to move the fact-checking conversation forward and include YouTube,” said Cristina Tardáguila, Program Director at the International Journalist Center.

— — In response, YouTube said fact checking is only part of the response to disinformation. The company said it has invested around the world to give people a reliable source of information about hot button issues. “We are always looking for meaningful ways to improve and will continue to work with the fact-checking community,” Natalie O’Connell, a spokeswoman for the company, said in a statement.

MT limited: A meeting that encouraged you to step on TECH REGS carefully — Over 25 Civil Rights and Privacy Groups Write a letter to today’s parliamentarians The first letter shared with MT to call attention when regulating the technology industry. Groups such as Fight for the Future, Access Now, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation want lawmakers to consider six principles in developing legislation that will affect the next iteration of the Internet.

— They say lawmakers need to consider the potential negative impact of regulation on the colorful low-income community. And “others faced discrimination from traditional, often predatory big tech companies, banks and financial services.”

— — In addition, the group warns against rules that may limit freedom of expression, justice, and the civil freedom of web users. Note that many well-established distributed internet projects such as Linux and Firefox have been developed by volunteers.

AMAZON UNION VOTE RE-DO — Amazon workers in Alabama will vote again in February on whether to form a union after appeals from retail, wholesale and department store unions, the National Labor Relations Commission announced on Tuesday.

Amazon reached a settlement with NLRB late last year and promised to inform workers, among other things, their rights. NLRB will mail the voting form on February 4th and count on March 28th.This news is first Bloomberg..

— The union wasn’t completely happy to say that it was. “I’m deeply concerned that this decision won’t be enough to prevent Amazon from continuing unpleasant behavior in the new elections.” He added that he called for imposing “many remedies that would be.”

— Last year, union supporters failed to get enough workers. The union later appealed the results, claiming that Amazon had participated in the union crush. According to Tuesday’s notice, NLRB has now determined that Amazon has interfered with the election and has called for a new election.

— Amazon said it respects workers’ right to unity. “Our employees always have the option of joining the union and overwhelmingly chose not to join RWDSU last year,” Amazon spokesman Barbara Agrait told POLITICO’s Eleanor Mueller. “We look forward to hearing their voices again from the BHM1 team.”

Warning shot for RECUSALS — The judge overseeing the FTC’s antitrust proceedings against Facebook sent a message to Facebook’s parent company Meta on Tuesday. (And the same logic may apply to Similar efforts to force repulsion For Jonathan Kanter, DOJ Antitrust Chief. )

— James Bosburg, US District Judge’s Decision, Who Rejected Facebook’s second attempt to revoke FTC proceedingsAlso, Kahn overwhelmed social network claims that he was too prejudiced to participate in the case. Meta quoted Khan’s widespread antitrust activities in parliament and academia to get her out of the case, but Bosburg said these activities were “Personal hostility or conflict of financial interests” It will justify the repellent.

— Bosburg added that it makes sense for the president Appoint a chief engineer to “execute the government’s priorities”. (President Joe Biden, like Khan, criticized big tech companies and called for stricter action against monopolies.) And the judge voted for the FTC to initially sue Facebook months before Khan embarked. Said that he did.

— Bosberg’s ruling does not set a legal precedent, but his argument may find repercussions In future judicial disqualification decisions, including proceedings against other major technology platforms. Amazon also sought Khan’s judicial disqualification from its own FTC investigation, but Google asked the Justice Department to reject Canter from the ministry’s ongoing proceedings against the investigative giant (although Google’s rival Canter). History may make Google’s claim stronger).

Senate confirmed Alan Davidson Lead National Telecommunications and Information Administration, of Tuesday 60-31 votes.. … Ret.Lieutenant General HR McMaster Participating in the board of directors of IP security startups Strider.. … Aleah Shuren I am joining Ferrox strategy As a director. She is currently the project director of the Trusted AI Coalition. … Tom Gavin Currently, I am the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing. Cooper software.. He was recently Vice President of Executive Communications at Salesforce.

Federal Judge rejects Amazon’s proceedings: A federal judge withdrew from Amazon’s proceedings after citing the first financial dispute. Report by The Wall Street Journal..

Khan’s Anti-Surveillance Crusaders: The FTC chair faces a difficult battle to crack down on the collection and use of US consumer data by technology companies. Information report..

The US Chamber of Commerce is chasing Biden’s technology agenda. The CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce opposed the government’s stance of regulating technology giants using its annual “State of American Business” speech. Protocol report..

Questions about Twitter’s Ethiopian intervention: According to researchers at NYU and the Atlantic Council, Twitter’s attempts to thwart viral topics in Ethiopia may not have made a difference in the amount of threatening remarks. In the Tech Policy Press article..

DoorDash CEO joins Metaboard: Tony Xu is the next major technology leader to join Meta’s board of directors. Insider Report..

Facebook rejects women’s health ads: According to 60 companies had ads rejected by Facebook for containing “adult content” New report That Details of the New York Times..

Economists blame technology for inequality: “Excessive automation” has increased wage inequality among American workers over the last 40 years. Economist tells The New York Times..

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Researchers say YouTube has a “disinformation problem”

Source link Researchers say YouTube has a “disinformation problem”

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