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Request to reconsider Dylann Roof’s repellent was rejected | Nationwide

The likelihood of Dylann Roof’s new appeal hearing continues to diminish, and courts have sentenced nine members of the congregation in Black South Carolina, South Carolina, to death in 2015 for racist killings. He refused to reconsider his resignation from the appeal against the conviction.

The Fourth US Court of Appeals for the Circuit ruled on Tuesday.

All judges in the Fourth Circuit, which covers South Carolina, refused to hear Roof’s proceedings. One of the judges, Jay Richardson, filed a proceeding in 2017 with Roof as assistant US federal prosecutor, although the May notice did not give a clear reason. Became the first person in America He was sentenced to death in a federal hate crime.

Officials said the roof fired during the closing prayer of Bible studies at Mother Emanuel AME’s Church in Charleston, South Carolina, causing dozens of bullets to fall on the gathered people. He was 21 at the time.

Roof lawyer I wanted a judge He chose to suspend his proceedings to revive himself to consider a petition for a new hearing. Without that move, or without changing the court’s rules prohibiting judges visiting from other circuits from considering such requests, Roof’s attorney “considered” his petition for retrial. There is no judge to do it, “he wrote, depriving him of a” critical level of appeal. “

court, Quote that repellentAlso denied Roof’s request for a new hearing and decided not to allow the full court of other circuit deputy judges to consider his case.

In May, a panel of judges from other Circuit Courts of Appeals heard Roof’s appeal and then unanimously upheld his conviction and death sentence. Give a bitter rebuke The judge wrote “Modifying him for the harshest punishment that a fair society can impose” on the roof crime.

Roof’s lawyer alleged that he was mistakenly allowed to represent himself during the ruling. According to his lawyer, Roof successfully prevented the jury from hearing evidence of his mental health “under delusion.” Public record. “

according to Court documents filed in another federal proceedingThe FBI heard two members of the neo-Nazi group talking about trying to free the roof from the largest security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

If the direct appeal fails, Roof may file what is known as the 2255 Appeal. This requires the Court of First Instance to consider his conviction and the constitutionality of the decision. He could also petition the US Supreme Court or seek the president’s amnesty.


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Request to reconsider Dylann Roof’s repellent was rejected | Nationwide

Source link Request to reconsider Dylann Roof’s repellent was rejected | Nationwide

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