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Republicans vote for subpoenas for voter information – Daily Local

Marc Levy

Harrisburg, PA (AP) —Preparing to test how far Republicans can go to pursue what they call the “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election, as Democrats helped perpetuate the “big lie.” bottom. An unfounded claim that former President Donald Trump was fooled by the victory. “

The Republican-controlled Senate Intergovernmental Steering Committee will hold a partisan vote to issue a subpoena with detailed information about who voted in last year’s presidential election, including the last four digits of a driver’s license number and social security number. bottom.

Pennsylvania law prohibits the disclosure of voters’ driver’s license numbers and social security numbers, and Democrats bring to court within days to claim that the request violates the separation of powers and the powers of legislatures. Said to go.

Democrats also warned that confidential information about voters could fall into the hands of Trump allies trying to overturn the elections.

Republicans also want to know how each person voted, whether directly or by mail, absentee ballot, or provisional vote, and when each registered voter last voted. I think. The subpoena also seeks a record of communications between state and county election authorities.

Republicans claim that the project has nothing to do with trying to overturn Trump or last year’s presidential election.

During the committee’s hearing debate, Democrats asked who had access to such sensitive information and why Republicans wanted it.

“I had questions about the legitimacy of those who have them … I voted whether they existed or not,” said R-Jefferson, chairman of Senator Chris Dush. “Once again, we do not respond to proven claims. We are investigating allegations to determine if they are facts.”

Asked about those allegations, Dush said he had heard affidavits of people who visited addresses “listed for voters” and found only the accused buildings. The dash couldn’t give any other details.

Under Democratic cross-examination, Dush proposes to inform unemployed contractors so that lawmakers can “make legislation to prevent it from happening in future elections.” bottom.

Tom Wolfe oversees the county’s method if the state’s voter registration system contains all the data points listed on the subpoena, except for the Social Security number, or is available linked to the state’s Department of Transportation. A spokesperson for the Governor said. Manage elections in Pennsylvania.

It is not clear whether the Wolf administration can provide the information or force it to be created, even by court order. Some of the requested information is already open to the public.

In a statement, Democrat Wolf accused Republicans of undermining democracy, succumbing to Trump’s conspiracy theory, and perpetuating the lie that caused the riots at the US Capitol on January 6.

“Senators want to address the party’s peripheral elements that perpetuate big lie, rather than focusing on issues that affect the lives of Pennsylvania people,” Wolff said.

The official rules of the Pennsylvania Senate give the Commission a wide range of authority to issue subpoenas to “any public agency” in the state, a mechanism that is rarely used.

Last year, the Wolf administration refused to comply with the subpoena in a series of clashes with Republicans over dealing with a pandemic, and the State Supreme Court said, “With the Governor and an agent acting under his authority. I admitted that the officials were exempt. ” From the subpoena associated with the exercise of such authority. “

The idea of ​​what the Republicans call “forensic investigations” or “audits” was driven by Trump’s most ardent supporters in the battlefield states he lost. It disputed Senate Republican caucuses and elicited criticism from the Republican establishment that Pennsylvania was following in the footsteps of Arizona.

There, an “audit” of a widely distrusted partisan election began in January, and critics were fraudulent to justify Trump’s unfounded conspiracy theory that the election was fraudulent against him. Called for a futile search. It’s still dragging.

A taxpayer-funded business in Pennsylvania can cost millions of dollars if a large audit firm is hired, and the Republicans say how it works and who works where. I haven’t answered the main question about what to do yet.

Democrats have sharply criticized Republican “fake audits” or “fraud” as a stunt that undermines President Joe Biden’s victory and is an extension of a national campaign to attack his right to vote. .. Biden outnumbered Trump in Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes, according to accredited results.


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Republicans vote for subpoenas for voter information – Daily Local

Source link Republicans vote for subpoenas for voter information – Daily Local

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