Republicans say wolves are trying to thwart voting questions |

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (AP) — Pennsylvania Parliamentary Republican leaders are trying to thwart voting questions on Wednesday by Governor Tom Wolf’s administration to amend the Constitution to transfer authority over the period of an emergency declaration from the governor to lawmakers. Said.

This measure resulted from a fierce disagreement among Republicans about how Democrat Wolf dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

At a news conference, Republicans said the Wolf administration deliberately wrote the question in words designed to scare and reject voters.

“We respect voters and they want to see through and understand it and do their best to educate them about it,” said Pro Tempore Jake Corman, President pro tempore of R-Centre. ..

Wolff’s office said the wording of the voting question “notifies voters in the matter to be voted fairly, accurately and clearly.”

The Republican-controlled state legislature has approved the proposal for voting. Wolves disagree with them, but the governor has no power to prevent a proposal to amend the Constitution from going to a vote for voters to consider.

The court almost unanimously endorsed Wolff’s use of emergency powers to impose social distance restrictions, close buildings, and restrict business activities during the pandemic. The Wolf administration argues that the proposed amendments do not affect their powers. Because they are based on state disease prevention and control laws.

The question will be posted in the May 18 primary in Pennsylvania.

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Republicans say wolves are trying to thwart voting questions |

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