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Lillian Dicola of Hatboro Horsham has entered the cross-country scene this fall and needs to be watched for years to come.

Selected as the Girls’ Cross-Country Athletes of the Year, DiCola has had great post-season success as a freshman, including 14th place in the state.

“Especially Hershey is a tough course, so I was excited about how well I did,” she said. “The team experience in the state was a lot of fun. It was great to have my coach and teammates there as they cheered me up and made the experience more enjoyable.”

DiCola crossed the finish line in 19 minutes and 6.6 seconds. It ended a very nice experience on the trail.

“Lily had a great first season with Lady Hatters,” said coach Anna Snow. “As a freshman, she has done more than any other freshman who has come through our program.”

Decola won the title of the Suburban One League American Conference, the first hatter since 2004, and finished third in the 1-3A area.

“Her overall PR 18:07 was only 6 seconds away from the 5K record of our program,” Snow pointed out. “Lily has made a great start to her high school career. There is no doubt that she will work hard, reach her goals and build history.”

Dicola overcame the disadvantages of the district and aimed to be one of the best races of the prestigious season.

“I was very happy with my place and time in the district because it was the coldest and most windy day I ran,” she said. “The district’s goal was less than 18 minutes, but the bad weather slowed my time. It’s very exciting to be third in the district as a freshman and I can’t wait for the upcoming cross-country season. . “

Yuki knew she had something special.

“Lily is always very enthusiastic and confident in the work she has done to prepare herself,” the coach said. “When I attended the state conference, I was very confident in her only as a freshman. She is willing to put in the hard work she needs physically and mentally. She has already done it for several years. She understands sports because she has a family who is very supportive with her brother in the program. As Lily gets stronger, I keep her improving and achieving much more. You can only see it.

“She had a great day in the District One Championship and was third and first in the team as a whole. It was a cold day, the competition was fierce, and Lily continued to run hard throughout the race and was very competitive. Her teammate Emily Simco finished in 5th place. I feel that the two are well-coordinated, motivated and always supportive. . “

Lillian Dicola of Hatboro Hosham was a great postseason for the Hatters. Submitted photo.

The best thing is that there should be more in the future.

“Overall, Lily started her high school career with the motivation, motivation, dedication, hard work, and resilience that every athlete needs,” Snow said. “Athletes can take years to build this strength and endurance, but Lily is really natural. She is devoted to this sport and her training and overall is one of them. I love being a club.

“She is also a true team member and always nurtures, motivates and encourages the team. Given these characteristics and the years to come, I can only imagine what she will accomplish. I’m looking forward to what her track season will bring. “

When the spring track rolls, DiCola becomes the basis for the distance group.

“I’m proud of my first high school cross-country season,” she said. “The last cross-country race was two years ago, so I didn’t know what was coming this season. I was excited and surprised that the first race was a win, and I Incorporated that momentum into the rest of the year.

“This year was my future base point at Hatboro Hosham,” she said. “We now have time to beat next year and experience the courses we will run in the future. Now we are ready for the spring athletics season.”

Reporter / Times Herald / Montgomery Media Girls Cross-Country Athletes of the Year – thereporteronline

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