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As the Soderton area travels to Upper Dublin in a battle between two playoff applicants, the two teams with the title of the Suburban One League Continental Conference will be squared on Saturday.

Kick-off is 11am

Both teams will join Ben Salem and join the team with a 3-1 meeting record following Quakertown, which is number one in the game. Upper Dublin is 5-2 for the whole year and Souderton is 4-3.

“They are very well trained and disciplined,” said Upper Dublin coach Brett Stober about Ed Gallagher and Souderton. “He basically says,’This is what I’m doing, it’s not a secret.’ And we’re the same, so Saturday morning will be interesting.”

The Cardinals defeated Pennsbury 28-9 and won the game with Naifis McIntyre rushing to 73 yards and two touchdowns. Quarterback Colin O’Sullivan found six different targets, completed 13 of 16 passes at 125 yards, and made one touchdown and one interception.

The card won, but I want to complete more games this week.

“We did enough to win,” Stover said. “We are not happy to do enough. We want to do more. We want to be clean and give momentum to the playoffs.”

Upper Dublin is currently fifth in Districts 1-5A. Sodaton is ranked 14th in 6A.

Big Red defeated Abington 28-14, powered by four rush touchdowns by Braden Porter.

The winners of this contest will continue to look for the title of the conference and gain momentum as the postseason approaches.

Central Bucks West North Pen

Site / Time: Friday at 7pm at CB West.

For Twitter: @mpcabrey.

Record: Knights are 7-0 overall and SOL National is 4-0. Bucks is 6-1 overall and SOL National is 4-0.

Last week: North Pen beat Truman 48-20. West confiscated Hatboro Hosham 1-0.

Featured players: Quarterback Ryan Zelt and running back Karani Eaton were formidable tandems for the Knights of the All Seasons. Eli Boehm and Donte Mancini help power up Bucks’ awesome ground games.

Forecast: North Pen 28, CB West 21.

Central Bucks East in Penridge

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Penridge.

Record: Rams is 4-3 overall and SOL National is 2-2. The Patriots are 6-1 overall and SOL National 4-0.

Last week: Penridge blew Ben Salem 45-0. East rolled Council Rock North 35-7.

Featured Player: Nate Mosbrook made a 56-yard touchdown run for Rams last week. Quinn Moody had four receptions at 101 yards and two touchdowns at the putt last week.

Forecast: CB East 27, Pennridge 20.

Upper Dublin Sodaton Area

Site / Time: Saturday, 11:00 am, Upper Dublin.

For Twitter: @ khunter10.

Record: Cardinal is 5-2 overall, SOL Continental is 3-1. Big Red is 4-3 overall and SOL Continental is 3-1.

Last week: Upper Dublin closed Pensbury 28-9. Souderton defeated Abington 28-14.

Featured Player: Braden Porter made four rush touchdowns for Big Red last week. Nyfise McIntyre will perform two touchdown performances on the ground of the card.

Forecast: Upper Dublin 31, Sodaton Area 24.

Cheltenham in Wisahikon

Site / Time: Friday, 7:00 pm, Wisahikon.

Record: Trojans are 2-5 overall and 1-2 in SOL American. Panthers are 3-4 overall and SOL American is 2-1.

Last week: Wisahikon defeated Lower Moreland 48-28. Cheltenham lost to PW 21-13.

Featured Player: The Heim Wellton-Sarah Din made an 85-yard touchdown run for the Panthers last week. Kyle Lehman scored 153 yards and 3 scores for a Trojan horse last week.

Forecast: Cheltenham 20, Wisahikon 14.

Plymouth-William Tellnent’s White Marsh

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Tenent.

For Twitter: @ khunter10.

Record: PW is 5-1 overall and SOL American is 3-0. Panthers is 0-6 overall and SOL American is 0-3.

Last week: Colonials defeated Cheltenham 21-13. Tenant lost to Upper Moreland 49-21.

Featured player: Quarterback Aiden O’Brien made a hasty touchdown for the Colonials last week. Senior full-back Kyler Campbell helps enhance the Panthers ground game.

Forecast: PW 30, tenant 14.

Pope John Paul II of Pottstown

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Pottstown.

Record: PJP is 5-2 overall and PAC Frontier is 3-0. Pottstown is 0-7 overall and PAC Frontier is 0-3.

Last week: The Golden Panthers hit Upper Melion 39-6. Pottstown was shut out 35-0 by Pottsgrove.

Featured Player: Quarterback DJ Clark will present three 183-yard TD performances for the Golden Panthers. Jamiere Williams made a productive run last week for Trojan horses.

Prediction: Pope John Paul II 33, Pottstown 10.

Upper Melion Phoenix Building

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Upper Melion.

For Twitter: @ emor09.

Record: Phantom is 2-4 overall, PAC Frontier 1-2. Upper Melion is 3-3 overall and PAC Frontier is 1-2.

Last week: Upper Melion lost to Pope John Paul II 39-6. Phoenix Building blew off Upper Park, 48-9.

Featured player: Quarterback Zayd Etheridge aims to get the Upper Melion attack back on track. Quarterback Thai romance seems to do the same for phantoms.

Forecast: Upper Melion 22, Phoenix Building 21.

Springford Mesa Cton

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Mesacton.

Record: Mesacton is 4-3 overall and PAC Liberty is 1-2. Springford is 4-3 overall and PAC Liberty is 2-1.

Last week: The Warriors lost to Boyertown 42-11. Springford rolled Norristown 49-0.

Featured player: Dunbrandy threw 164 yards and a touchdown for the Warriors last week. Harry Adieyefeh Jr. reached the end zone twice in a Spring-Ford run last week.

Forecast: Springford 25, Mesacton 20.

Norristown in Owen J. Roberts

Site / Time: Friday, 7 pm, Owen J. Roberts.

Record: Norristown is 0-7 overall and PAC Liberty is 0-3. OJR is 5-2 overall and PAC Liberty is 2-1.

Last week: Eagles lost to Springford 49-0. Wildcats lost to Park Valley 49-7.

Featured player: Chris Carter is about to start an Eagles pass game. Avray Grimm still had a rushyard and score of 85 yards last week, but it looks like he’s breaking out.

Forecast: Owen J. Roberts 28, Norristown 7.

Bonner-Prendie at Lansdale Catholic

Site / Time: Saturday, 6 pm, Wisahikon.

For Twitter: @ khunter10.

Record: LC is 0-7 overall, PCL Blue is 0-3. Bonner is 5-2 overall and PCL Blue is 3-1.

Last week: The Crusaders fell to Neumann-Goretti 36-7. The monks defeated Archbishop Carroll 48-0.

Featured player: Quarterback Cole Meehan tries to beat LC, his arm, and timely practice. Bonner Mason Peterson had three rush TDs for monks last week.

Predictions: Bonner-Prendie 28, Lansdale Catholic 14.

Episcopal Academy Germantown Academy

Site / Time: Saturday, 7 pm, Episcopal Church.

Record: The Patriots are 3-1 overall and InterAC is 0-0. The Anglican is 3-2 overall and 0-0 at InterAC.

Last week: GA was idle. Church members lost to Blair Academy (NJ) 21-13.

Featured Player: Brian Allen needs to unleash the power of GA at the InterAC opener. The wide receiver Blythe Cooper provides Episcopal with a speedy target downfield.

Forecast: Germantown Academy 21, Episcopal Academy 14.

Reporter / Times Herald Area Week Eight Soccer Preview – thereporteronline

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