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Removed Robert E. Lee statue on display at Texas Resort | Nationwide

Terlingua, Texas (AP) — Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee removed from the park by the city of Dallas Sold at online auction It is currently on display at a golf resort in western Texas.

The bronze sculpture, removed from Dallas Park in September 2017, is now located at the Raditus Golf Resort in Terlingua, Texas. Houston Chronicle reported..

The 27,000-acre resort, privately owned by Dallas billionaire and pipeline mogul Kelcy Warren and managed by Scott Beasley, president of the Dallas-based WSB Resort and Club, received the statue as a donation in 2019.

The 1935 sculpture by Alexander Phimister Proctor is one of several Lee monuments across the United States that was removed from public due to racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. bottom.

The artwork depicting Lee and another soldier on a horse Store in storage Until sold in 2019 at the former Navy Air Base, Hensley Field, Dallas, according to Dallas City Council documents. Holmes Farm PC has made a top offer for sculpture.

According to recent census data, there are less than 100 residents in Terlingua in Brewster County near Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande River, with no record of black residents. Blacks make up only 1.7% of Brewster County’s population, according to census data.

Beasley told Chronicles that the statue had no purpose other than preserving a “great work of art.”

“Of the more than 60,000 guests we host each year, there were one or two negative comments,” he said.

However, Black Lives Matter Houston activist Brandon Mack argues that the statue is simply “thank you for the art,” and whether the same defense is used for other offensive symbols throughout history, or reserved. For a picture that only praises the black oppression that said there was a problem with Lee’s supporters who wondered if it was being done.

“We don’t admire the swastika. There is no Adolf Hitler monument,” he said.

Check with the Houston Chronicle, the seller of this item, for copyright information.

Removed Robert E. Lee statue on display at Texas Resort | Nationwide

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