Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Deserves Support


The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Or RGGI is a cap-and-invest market-driven approach to reducing carbon emissions. This brings power plants closer to actual operating costs and motivates them to reduce emissions.

It works by imposing charges on power plants, penalizing carbon pollution, and then using the money generated in each state to pay for climate change reduction efforts in that state. RGGI has more than a decade of experience in reducing carbon emissions and significantly improving the lives of people in member countries.

RGGI is all about improving air quality, thereby improving our health, reducing the impact of climate change we are currently working on, and bringing 21st century work to our federation. It benefits the people of Pennsylvania.

With the RGGI Investment Act, these funds can help workers and communities move into a more sustainable future. It’s an important time now, as there are some important votes on Harrisburg’s RGGI. Contact state legislators and ask them to support RGGI.

Julia Nacre
College building

Editor’s Note: Nacre leads the RGGI Campaign, Climate Reality Project: Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapters

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Deserves Support

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