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Redefining “racial equality” can increase donations | Jobs

Last year’s protests of racial justice unleashed an avalanche of donations for the cause of minorities, but charities are still divided as to which donations should be counted as a promotion of racial equality.

Candid, a leading philanthropic research organization, told The Associated Press that it has expanded its definition of racial equality to better reflect the contributor’s intentions and encourage additional donations.

Racial equity donations are now defined as “subsidies explicitly awarded to organizations that serve or serve people of color to the widespread benefit.” Previously, the definition was limited to “granting focused on systematic changes to promote racial equality.”

Changes introduced on it Website On Wednesday, the organization increased the number of racial equality donations categorized over the last decade from about 60,000 to 600,000, according to candid investigator Anna Koob. Under the new definition, frankly, he says that nearly 29,000 grants, worth $ 14.1 billion, have been cataloged since George Floyd’s death. These include grants from foundations, businesses, and wealthy philanthropists, but not from everyday Americans who have difficulty tracking their donations in full.

Contribution to racial equality is generally defined as providing resources to racial groups as needed. This practice has been criticized by conservatives who claim that this approach may ignore other communities in need.

Efforts to revisit the definition of candid racial equality, especially following the influx of post-murder donations by Floyd’s police from businesses, many played little role in such initiatives. Bradford Smith, president of Candid, said he has two goals. Helping organizations fighting racism find contributors and knowing who else is funding the work of racial equality and which groups have access to support Is to help.

“We wanted to show many different ways in which contributions are actually progressing,” he said.

His organization has partnered with the Charity Initiative for Racial Equality (PRE) to seek input from other groups on the broad definition.

Before the changes were announced, Howard Husock, a conservative American Enterprise Institute philanthropic expert, criticized Candid’s previous definition of supporting counting advocacy initiatives rather than programs that provide direct services. rice field. Husock says the new definition is an improvement.

Una Osiri, Vice Dean of the Lily Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, said the consensus definition of what constitutes the provision of racial equity is a clearer example of donations to the minority community. He said he offered and could easily determine how much money would flow into these causes. ..

Lori Villarosa, PRE Secretary-General, said: , “

We’ve worked with Candid in a new definition, but PRE has its own definition. It defines the granting of racial equity as a grant focused on “preventing harm and redistributing benefits within existing systems.” Using that definition, PRE will give racial equality from businesses and foundations in 2020 this week, despite promises of billions more dollars in businesses and other initiatives that benefit the minority community. It reported that it was only about $ 3.4 billion.

Villa Rosa said a frank new definition was “needed to be more consistent when comparing past and present funding.”

Other experts suggest that determining who is benefiting from such donations remains difficult, regardless of definition. Naomi Schaefer Riley, a conservative AEI philanthropist who is critical of equity initiatives, said the Foundation “must decide for itself what they can do to make the most effective donations they want.” Is called. And if it’s what they give to a particular community, they’ll have to measure their results and see what those particular organizations are doing. “

The frank opinion hopes that the debate will continue.

“With this dataset, more people can see themselves in that dataset,” Smith said. “Some people will not see themselves in it and will be upset. It will start a dialogue, and part of that dialogue is not just what your Foundation is doing, but what it does. It’s about how we can provide better information so that people can see what it brings. “


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Redefining “racial equality” can increase donations | Jobs

Source link Redefining “racial equality” can increase donations | Jobs

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